BC Liberal Party decide: More democracy, transparency and better chances for candidates

BC Liberal Party Executive announced after Saturday’s meeting in Vancouver that Party will modernize Leadership vote and called Convention which will adopt amendments on Party Constitution. Modernization will have great impact on democratic processes in the Party and it will show to membership that every single vote and part of the BC is important to Party.

Executives called for a preferential ballot system which is already in use in Liberal Party on different levels and among other Canadian parties. Leadership candidates will need to prepare very skilful and smart campaigns if they want to win in upcoming Liberal battle. The first contestant to receive more than 50% of points on any province-wide count will replace Gordon Campbell as Party leader and Premier of BC. According to press statement issued after Saturday’s meeting ratification Convention will be held on February 12, 2011 in Vancouver, and proposed amendment on Party constitution will need to be supported by 2/3rds of present delegate. This time frame will place Election Convention later in the 2011, possibly in March or April, as it was predicted last week. In a same time possible candidates will have enough time to decide if they will run campaign to success Campbell and to organize same in a proper terms in accordance with Party Constitution. Many insiders are expecting that this exchanges will bring more transparency and less corruption in political processes connected to the BC Liberal Party.   

I am pretty sure exchange of voting procedure will encourage many of already wide public popular possible candidates and those ones whom are not in the center of public interest to move forward with their announcements for  leadership race. One of them is current Energy Minister, Bill Bennett, who was complaining last few days that his part of BC wouldn’t have any chances to give new Premier if Executives doesn’t accept proposed change of voting system.

In Saturday’s The Vancouver Sun, Gillian Shaw (@gillianshaw), expertly analyzed Social-media readiness of possible candidates, titled: “Analysis: How Liberal leadership contenders rate on the social-media chart”, and this analysis confirms previous findings of Patti Schom-Moffatt (@Pattism). Shaw’s analysis is more comprehensive but the results are the same, Rich Coleman is leading, Dianne Watts is at the bottom of the list, and close to her are Blair Lekstrom and Mike De Jong. Little bit better positions are reserved for Kevin Falcon, George Abbott, and CKNW’s host Christy Clark.

Mike Klassen (@mikeklassen), from the City Caucus, tweeted that Dianne Watts, Mayor of Surrey, will announce on Monday that she would not run for Liberal leadership. Statement like this will be in accordance with her previous stands that Surrey is the most important mission for her at this moment, but I’m expecting that proposed changes of Party constitution will force her on further re-examination of her candidacy.

With Monday starts real period of political fights and weighting in which candidate will be better for democracy in the Party and which one will be the best leader for province.


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