BC Liberals and self-destruction

Imminent disaster and grave danger hit BC Liberal Party once again, not even a full week after former leader Gordon Gibson warned public on danger. Wednesday started with astonishing announcement from BC Deputy Premier, Colin Hansen, that Bill Bennett is kicked out of Cabinet based on “collective” decision of the Cabinet. And that is started once again.

Outspoken MLA for Kootenay East, Bill Bennett, come out and spoke to the media in a way whom is not at all diplomatic or politically correct. He continued to reveal a lot of things which was “secret” for BC Public. Bennett described his boss as bully whose actions diseased caucus and government with “battered-wife syndrome”. More over Bennett revealed that Campbell is not got good men who when is angry can just yell at your face, this is in correspondence with previous media reports which described Campbell as tyrant. Campbell’s relations with female members of Cabinet and Caucus were not always on greatest level so Bennett thinks that was reason why Carole Taylor, Christy Clark and Olga Illich leaved Cabinet and never get back in the politics.

“I’m tired of the bullshit that goes on in politics and I’m really tired of the way that Gordon Campbell thinks that he can just run on people. I’m a tough guy, I can take it. But I’ve seen him do it to other people in caucus”, said Bennett.

In a same time man who first time called Gordon Campbell to resign and get a new chance to the Party repeats he’s astonishment with situation among the leaders and members. Former Williams Lake Mayor, Scott Nelson, described today situation as the worst in his 15 years long membership to BC Liberal’s.

“The party is literally self-destructing in front of the public. The very fabric of the party is starting to fray. Anxiety is spreading through the ranks of the party”, said Nelson.

According to BC Liberal caucus Bill Bennett will have a chance to explain himself at next meeting which will be held on Friday, but is expected that Caucus will stand behind Premier Campbell and throw out Bennett. He will be second BC Liberal MLA who will leave Caucus and be moved to the bench Independent MLA, first was Blair Lekstrom who resigned from Cabinet and leaved Caucus early this year in protest against HST tax.

There is no sign that Campbell will leave his position earlier and appointment of interim Premier until Party elects new leader and Premier. This situation is highly damageable for current ministers who had affiliation to become new Premier, and certainly will discourage any outsider to thrown in his/hers candidacy for leadership. Unpopularity, leak of support, and anger towards BC Liberals will continue to rise among citizens of BC, and there is really small chance to be repaired in a next two months before Party elects new leader. If members, like Bennett, are thrown out of the Cabinet just because they spoke to the media in effort to improve Party situation and bring more democracy in it, that Party must to think where is going?

Bennett’s full statement to the media you watch here.


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