Abbott’s strong start

BC Liberal leadership race candidate list is updated today with George Abbott name. Former Education Minister, resigned today, started his campaign under a message: “George Abbott: The Right Leader for BC”. His announcement was welcome in Vancouver and Victoria not only by MLA who are supporting his campaign and leadership bid but also from journalists and legislature reporters. He’s campaign is immediately presented to public by web site: and Twitter account: @georgeabbott4bc beside his MLA account: @georgeabbottmla.


Men who is described as one of the most accessible and pleasant to work with said today in his speech that believes in BC Liberal party as right Party for BC and in his qualities to succeed Gordon Campbell as Premier and leader. According to press release Abbott wants BC to the better and founded on the principles of maintaining a strong, free-enterprise economy, supporting families as the foundation of successful communities, and realizing the potential of natural and human resources in rural BC.

“I believe the BC Liberal Government must reach out to every region of the Province. We need to reconnect with the grassroots, and to listen respectfully to their ideas and advice. Healing our divisions will only come from mutual respect, listening, and hard work”, said Abbott.

Nine MLA’s supported Abbott’s leadership bid, and that is one of his strengths on the start of campaign. Gordon Hoff, Murray Coell, John van Dongen, Richard Lee, John Rustad, Don McRae, Kash Heed, John Slater and Norm Letnick are MLA’s who are supporting Abbott for leader.

Good thing for every candidate is to enlist his intensions immediately and to give a chance to public to judge his intentions over the period of time which is selected for campaign. In this case Abbott calls for HST referendum in June 2011, what is three months earlier than it is scheduled in this moment. Other specific actions are related to increase of minimum wage, pursuing strategies to drive our growing hi-tech and health research economy, establishing a new tax credit for homeowners, implementing a new tax credit for childhood health and wellness, crime combating, advance of regional development and expanding of BC’s global market place.

Abbott agenda is strong and focused on major BC problems and it is on party members to decide if he’s a right man for premiership. Also fulfilment of his agenda will be highly connected to his Cabinet and each minister personality and ability to ensure that everything will be done in right time. One of former ministers in Campbell cabinet, Blair Lekstrom, is on Abbott’s wish list for new Cabinet and that is good thing to show that party is united even if there are different opinions regarding government policies.

Even if he didn’t mentioned current Premier Campbell in his press statement he said to the media earlier that he wouldn’t distance himself from Campbell in campaign. CKNW’s Legislature reporter, Sean Leslie, said that he doesn’t except any of the candidates to distance them from Campbell during campaign. In next few hours we should acknowledge if BC Health Minister, Kevin Falcon will run for leadership.


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