Christy Clark is in, she just needs a moment

BC’s political winter will one of the hottest in last few years. Yet another possible candidate decide to seat down and think little bit more over a chances to get in and fight for Campbell’s position. Christy Clark ended her Fridays show on CKNW 980 AM with “vacation” farewell message to the listeners and staff.

You could see that I bold word “staff” and reason is when radio or TV host is going on a vacation usually says thank you to the listeners or watchers but not to the technical staff which works on their or other shows on the station. That element could be considered as a part of spin, and other part of spin could be that she’s announcing her “vacation” on Friday, which is regularly dead day for media and there are small chances to get big attention. She’ll probably wait few days, print some poster’s, write some good speech and than in mid-week call press conference and announce that she’s in.

Clark, who is experienced politician, will need some time for thinking how to answer on all open questions and controversies which are connected to her name or names of her relatives, but that’s not reason not to run. Whenever you scratch first layer of any politician image you will found some scandal or wrongdoing, there is no “saints” in politics and for sure Clark is not one of them. With good team of advisers and communicational experts she’ll be able to answer all those questions and turn them in her own advantage over the campaign months. But she has some advantages and disadvantages at this moment.

Advantages are that she is fresh face after years of being out of official politics, it will had a chance to engage a lot of female and young voters in her campaign and her nature to be opinionated on lot of issues also can trig debate among members and candidates. Ina a time between her departure from provincial politics and possible comeback in next few weeks she become mother and that could also change her views on lot of social issues all over the BC. At this moment also we know her stands as journalist, but those one can be changed in a last then half day when she enters to the leadership race. In politics the most important thing is popularity and your program, in journalism is to criticize and to force politicians to do what they promise. A lot of people whom are changing those two professions for each other can easily present different views in different eras of their lives.

Disadvantages are mainly regarded to her political past as education minister (school closings) and family connections with BC Rail case, but that doesn’t disqualify her from great chances to become Campbell’s successor. For major number of candidates regional preference will be problem, and Clark would not be saved of that, but if her team set up smart tactics she’ll be able to gain support from all part of province.

Looking into current candidates and her possible run her only serious opponent could be extremely popular George Abbott if any other candidates not enter a run before she decides to enter the race. They know each other and they will be able to attack opponents weak sides, and it is clear that two candidates like this will be extremely good chance to stir up a party and engage members in debate and conversation.

To conclude I would like to say that she’s in the race and that is just matter of day or moment when someone from her team will send a call to the journalists to come out and listen her announcement. I hope that moment will happen as soon as possible because we need a time to listen and observe all candidates and then to decide who’s the best for province.


Gary Mason, The Globe and Mail, writes today several interesting elements regarding possible candidacy of Ms. Clark for provincial Premier and BC Liberal leadership. For a first time one journalist wrotes that Christy Clark is divorced single mother of nine-year-old boy, Hamish.

“Ms. Clark’s former husband, meantime, is Mark Marissen, a brilliant campaign organizer in his own right who would undoubtedly lend a hand. Her brother, Bruce Clark, is a campaign fundraiser for the federal Liberals and would have a Rolodex, one would think, that would come in handy when it came to raising money. While she is being pushed hard to run, Ms. Clark, a single mother, has apparently agonized over the decision because of the impact it would have on her nine-year-old son, Hamish”, says Mason.

Those elements, especially that she’s now a single mother of nine-year-old could change whole situation, and that is clear reason why she said today that will have consultations with Hamish about her candidacy. Big question emerges and it is unclear if she will be able to fulfill all mother duties towards son, and be successful premier of the Province. Answer could be in well positioned and structurized team which will work with her in Victoria. It is rarely seen that single mother occupies a high government position and it wouldn’t be last, and Christy Clark will have a big challenge in front of her in next few weeks to decide if that position is for her.


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