Falcon started with “3L” and “854” platform’s

Leadership race is getting crowded. Kevin Falcon thrown his name in the hat and enjoyed Dr. Stilwell and Mr. Abbott in political fight for the most respected office in the Province and Liberal Party. Even if he is second in several polls, behind wide popular radio-host/politician Christy Clark, Falcon will be one of the hardest candidates in this race. If he continue his campaign as he’s promising my prediction is that he will be in first three places in last phase of election process.

In comparison with other candidates, who are already in the race, Falcon is young, vibrant, and well articulated in his stands on all issues important for the province. First well articulated and presented stand is that he already call for support on Abbott’s idea for earlier HST referendum and he welcomes Christy Clark in the race but what’s more important he wants her to stay in the party and politics. Why is that important? Supporting Abbott’s idea and Clark’s entrance to race Falcon shows to party membership that he’s open to work with all sides in party and that could save unity among party members.

kevin Facebook

When I open his Facebook presentation this morning beside all his bio information I spotted tab “854”, my first question was what is that? Well answer is 205+604=854, two parts of the province, two area cod’s give new one 854, and as he confess that is his attention to bring province together. This is also reason why he would present his leadership bid in Surrey and Price George.

On wide spread issue of HST Falcon said to the Bill Good Show that he would think about it very hard and that he will consider all option about it even lowering a tax for one percentage point from 12% to 11%. This would be in a line with propositions given by several scholars, but if I was on Good’s place my question will be how he thinks to replace funds lost with that lowering of HST for one point. According to scholar’s one percentage lowering will cut several hundred million dollars from BC budget in following years.

"It’s time for a leader that sticks to three simple rules to guide us into the future: Listen to people; learn from them; and then lead," Mr. Falcon said on Tuesday morning in Surrey.

Triple “L” will be easy to succeed if he really stick to the idea “854”, but it will need more than that. It will need strong team without solo players, it will need clear policy strategies and OPEN government to the public and be ready to go out and to speak with fellow citizens in a good and bad moments for his government. His web presentation on www.kevinfalcon.com at this moment is short on his policy and agenda information but I hope that he will present those information’s in next few days, but I must to say that he’s presentation is looking well prepared, graphically well delivered, only need is information’s. He’s campaign will also be presented through Twitter @teamkevinfalcon and @kevinfalcon accounts. At this moment @teamkevinfalcon he’s team twitted 6 times, with 109 following and 38 followers, he’s personal account lists 96 tweets, with 237 following/1.031 followers. 

kevin web page

Other possible candidates for this race are still thinking “hard” as Christy Clark says that on Friday before she left CKNW for a vacation. Several polls conducted in a last few days are showing that Christy Clark is leading at this moment in popular vote, Falcon is always second, and other few places are filled with names of Coleman, De Jong, Abbott and Stilwell.  Clark is excepted to enter a race in this or following week, and Mike De Jong is expected to enter a race tomorrow, but remaining question is when we’ll see Rich Coleman in the race because he’s long-time considered candidate for front running position. 


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