Final battle: Falcon vs. Clark?

When Rich Coleman announced that he’s not right guy for leadership become clear that we wouldn’t see any other new candidates in the race, excluding Ms. Christy Clark who’s on “vacation” preparing her campaign and waiting for the best moment to announce her intention to become BC premier. Up to this moment only four Liberals decide to throw in the ring their names: Stilwell, Abbott, Falcon and De Jong. One, Coleman, is out claiming that he wants to spend more time with his family, and one is in waiting, Clark who’s suppose to enter the race through the air-waves of “her” CKNW radio station as she promise that last Friday.

At this point media and party are showing low interest in three of four candidates. Stilwell, Abbbot and De Jong are not in the focus of interest just because they didn’t show up to this moment any leadership moves or qualities. They are maybe waiting just little bit more to acknowledge if Ms. Clark will enter the race but that’s not reason not to be in media spot for a days after they entered a race. If he’s not totally at the spot, Flacon, is much more interesting candidate then other ones. Why he’s so interesting?

Kevin Falcon started his campaign as I already wrote that few days ago with two interesting agendas “3L” and “854”, but also he address the most important issue of the campaign, HST, with several promising ideas and comments. Those are pushing him away from others and showing his attention to get in fight with HST demons from the start. On the other side his counterpart, Abbott, said that is not a time for discussion about lowering HST for one of two percentage points, those words trig a question in me: “If it’s not time now in a campaign, when it will be?” Maybe voters should wait until he [Abbott] becomes premier to start thinking about it, or maybe to think about it in a days before scheduled referendum when a people would decide to scrap or leave HST in BC.

“I really believe [the introduction of the HST] just really, frankly pissed off a lot of public. We’d better learn from mistakes that we made there and we’ve got to lead and demonstrate to the public that we can earn their support back”, said Falcon on Tuesday backed by 10 MLA’s in Surrey.

Falcon showed his frustration with taxes and possibility that taxes proposed by his administration will harm families in BC, but I’m not quite sure how frustrated he will be when he seats behind premier’s desk and start thinking how to please BC citizens which interests are not only related to family needs? Maybe he’ll think differently but if he learn, and listen what is coming from deep distances away from Cabinet room, he’s chances for success could be great.

As I understood all reasons why Rich Coleman puts his family in the first place, I’m compel with Falcon’s decision to enter a race as young dad of 10-months old daughter Josephine. Quite rightly he pointed out that Barack Obama and David Cameron are also father’s of young children and they balanced their duties to family and country pretty successfully. Falcon’s appearance and young looking face will probably bring to his team and voting machine a lot of young voters and will give him a chance to fight for Campbell’s position.

I already wrote something about Christy Clark and her position in race, of course if she enters. Outspoken critic from air waves will be forced to be examined over her previous record and suspicions over several scandals, but if she put’s out her cold face and ensure right disposition of facts and elements of those she could easily become first premier single mother in the Best Place on Earth. Province previously learned that she’s supporter of HST and it will be interesting to see her attitude on it in a position of politician not talk-show host, because those two are completely different.    

Comparing those two, we can say pretty young lions of BC Liberal Party, two elements will play major significance whom will become premier. First and most will be HST. Second will be voting machine, Christy will bring with herself thousands of voters [listeners of her show on CKNW], Falcon will bring large young populations from Cloverdale and Surrey, and 10 other constituencies who are supporting his leadership candidacy. Popularity among party members but also overall public will play significant role in their victory. All that is a stake which will bring them to last battle of the war, whom will be commander-in-chief we’ll know after a voting process is done, but it is almost certain that it will be Falcon or Clark.

Party needs fresh faces on the top, needs ambition and energy and both of them has all of that. It will be hot in BC political ring especially around the Christmas and in the first few days of next year, those two will fight strongly and without any hesitations. BC Liberal voters will be faced with very very hard decision, whom to endorse and whom to support to become new premier. As I’m writing those words through my mind flows verb said by President of Bosnian Presidency in war-times, Alija Izetbegovic, whom said once:

“Politician would never told you everything, and even when he says something he always keeps something for himself!”

Those words could be used in this race, so before you decide who’s the best think about a words of Pierre Elliott Trudeau:

“If you want to know my thoughts, read between the lines.”

If you read between the lines and understood what they are keeping for themselves I’m quite sure that you’ll choose the best for the province and the people, read them as a book but don’t tell them what you read this it comes February 26th, 2011.     


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