Gordon Campbell addresses his political future

After a weeks of silence BC Premier Gordon Campbell finally address issues regarding his future upon election of new premier and BC Liberal leader. On surprise of many Campbell said he’ll probably resign as MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey sometimes after February 26, 2011 when is scheduled vote for his successor. Campbell said on Sunday that he’s presence in BC Liberal caucus may not be good thing for new person on the top.

Knowing Gordon Campbell as a strong leader and a person with much stronger personality stands like those ones are surprising, but also promising for Party and the province in the future with new leader. At this point he’s presence in caucus or active politics will probably be one of obstacles for Falcon, Clark, Stilwell, De Jong or Abbott when one of them takes position. It will be obstacle because media will be focused on Campbell and he’s actions or conspiracy theories against newly elected leader, even if he doesn’t try to do anything to harm his successor always will be someone who will think about it.

“I don’t want, in any way, to cramp the style of the new leader and their opportunity to purse their own vision”, says Campbell adding that he’ll made final decisions upon he talks to the new premier, “I think it’s very difficult to stay on in caucus, when you’ve been the leader for 17 years”, said premier.

Campbell’s possible farewell to the MLA position after 17 years in active political life of the province, first in opposition then in position, doesn’t need to mean that he’s political career is ended but it will be on a hold for while. His possible destiny could be return to the active politics in BC or entrance to the national level as possible Liberal MP in the future.

Leaving active politics after February 26, 2011 surely will effect new leader with great chance to built it’s own popularity among citizens, and undecided party members. That will even open a space to that person to ensure continuation of Liberal rule over the province in next ten or more years, especially in the years following next elections in 2013 or earlier if new leader found that convenient.

Who ever read my posts regarding Gordon Campbell will found that I was highly critical on his account and his actions during this year, but I must confess that previously mentioned intention to resign as MLA if that will be convenient for new leader is one of his smarter moves. Avoiding to comment current leadership race was also one of the smartest moves, with those words he’ll save someone’s skin and chances to become next premier.

Christy Clark enters a race on Wednesday or Thursady?

Currently Christy Clark is considered as last and final contestant which will enter a BC Liberal leadership race. Vacation which she was using to think about her candidacy is suppose to end on Wednesday, and expectations among insiders are that she’ll make her final announcement on Wednesday or Thursday. That would represent last phase of candidacy process and start of debating phase in full power which will shape public opinion who’s the best person and leader to succeed Gordon Campbell.


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