Croatian teenagers and early sex

Croatian society is faced with enormous wave of teenage pregnancies. According to latest data presented by Croatian RTL TV this weekend teenagers are getting involved in sexual intercourse’s earlier then it was expected and reported in previous researches. Majority of teenagers in city of Pula had first sex at age of 16, and visible percentage of them reported their first experience with only 11 years of age. This data forced one of schools to start sex-ed programmes earlier this year in effort to suppress large number of teenager pregnancies and to help their students in learning about safe sex and possible diseases.

Students welcomed school action and supported in full just because they are afraid to spoke with their parents about sex and all other elements connected with that. In a conservative countries as it is Croatia relative taboo is contraception, sex and everything was it connected with it and sometimes parents are avoiding to talk about that under a pressure which comes mainly from Catholic Church.

Not long ago one of pregnant graduate students, in mentioned school in city of Pula, was admitted to the hospital, in labour, from class which she attended that day.     

“Over the period of last five years we recorded more then 20 teenager-student pregnancies in our school. One year was record year with eight pregnancies”, said Anto Babic, school director.

One student said that girls among themselves talking about first experiences, some of them didn’t go well, in some cases boyfriends doesn’t have knowledge or previous experience in using contraception what lead to more teen pregnancies.  

School researches showed that 3.18% students had first sex at ages of 11 and 12, 3.17% at ages of 13, 12.70% at age of 14, 25.40% at age of 15, majority them 41.27% had sex at age of 16, little bit over 11% at age of 17, and only 1.59% at age of 18.

Ljiljana Mescic Blazevic, pedagogue at school, said that both sides [parents and kids] are probably ashamed or frightened to talk about sex. 


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