Who is to blame: Holbrooke or Bosnian politicians?

Dayton Peace Agreement has recently celebrated its 15-birthday in the gloomy atmosphere that has caused surprising death of one of its creators, Richard Holbrooke. While the diplomatic community mourns one of its most respected members in the past five decades, the Balkans and in several European countries who will be looking harder to spit Holbrooke’s name, hiding its actions as a snake feet. Piled up there all kinds of experts and all kinds of experts to tell us how it was allegedly the only fault that Holbrooke’s Bosnia today in this state.

If those who participated in the negotiations conducted in Dayton seen that this proposal is so bad then why did not immediately abandon the negotiations and later assumed responsibility for the results? Not so long ago through the local media, from his home on pleasant Manhattan, announced that Muhamed Sacirbegovic indirectly attacked late Izetbegovic for signature at Dayton. The same is not so Sacirbegovic spoke while Izetbegovic was alive or in the Dayton resigned and left the negotiations and leave to his house in Manhattan, from which he watches the most of war in Bosnia.

Well yesterday in The London Times Lord Paddy Ashdown that Lord Ashdown was duly spitted on Holbrooke, once again hiding his war adventures of the public eye. So once again remind those who do not remember, this is the same British lord-general who, while Bosniaks and Croats suffered in the camps around the current RS played chess with Radovan Karadzic, in addition to arguing that there is no evidence that the Bosniaks and Croats held in camps under poor conditions. This is the same one that was sitting for years in Sarajevo, picking the salary of tens of thousands U.S. dollars each month, said that Dayton is the best thing happened to Bosnia and Herzegovina, defending him their decisions from a position of High Representative. Lord Ashdown is also one of those who have contributed to not adopt a long-planned, constitutional reforms in Bosnia and that their actions helped the local powers to maintain their well-established routes, and national positions.

To briefly return to Holbrooke’s career. Since 1998 to 2010, Bosnia and Herzegovina is not high on his list of occupations, although he often returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina in his comments and interviews.

But in twelve years that he was out of direct contact with Bosnia, local politicians in has a chance to make at least six new structured modern constitutional arrangements and the start faster Bosnian race in the European direction. They were able to reform the public administration, social structure, and industry on all fronts, but these same politicians dealt with "national interests" of whom there was no benefit for the 4 million populations, but only for a small number of those who is in power. Holbrooke did not obstruct them shatters April package [constitutional reform package proposed by US and EU], so they do not even bother to pass laws necessary for the abolition of visa regime with Europe, and even less of a hindrance to them to achieve progress for EU or NATO. And I’m telling this just because remember that we elected him [Holbrooke] in any election in Bosnia in any position, unless he ruled with them with help of telepathy. But telepathy is not contagious disease which could strike several thousand politicians over the years.

And here is Holbrooke is no longer among the living. Let’s see how many years will take to local politicians before they reach an agreement on constitutional changes, how much it will take until the country is on the paths of economic development and progress? How long it will take get Vc highway or a modern railway network, when it will resolve outstanding issues with neighbouring countries? And perhaps most importantly when it will establish a rule for the 2010-2014 mandates, or may yet say that Holbrooke is to blame because they cannot agree?

Gentlemen take responsibility for their actions and leave the dead alone.


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