Coleman backs Falcon, Clark promises millions for gaming grants

BC Solicitor-General and Housing Minister, Rich Coleman, announced on Wednesday his endorsement to his former Cabinet colleague and friend Kevin Falcon for BC Liberal leadership. Describing his decision to support Falcon, Coleman, said that he’s supporting long-term and great friend and one of the most fiscally responsible ministers in last ten years. Coleman repeatedly added that Falcon is the best candidate for keeping party’s coalition of federal Conservatives and Liberals together in the future.

"We’re still in tough economic times. We still have significant challenges budgetarily. And we need a leader who is going to keep their eye on the ball both fiscally, with regards to the budget of the government. But more importantly on the creation of jobs and making sure our tax system is competitive", said Coleman.

Once considered as a frontrunner Coleman decided not to run for leadership and announced that on December 1, what caused shift inside party’s membership towards three currently strongest candidates – Falcon, Clark and Abbott. During preparations for his leadership race Coleman formed great and extremely functional team combined of experienced professional and passionate volunteers now it will be transferred to the Team Falcon. This addition will help a lot to Falcon’s intentions to become next premier and leader of BC Liberal’s because it will strengthen his campaign frame and ensure that he will have a stronger support all over the BC.

At this moment two BC Liberal candidates are tied on 13 MLA’s support, Abbott and Falcon. On the other side publicly the most popular candidate Christy Clark was supported by only one MLA, Harry Bloy from Burnaby-Lougheed, and remaining two candidates De Jong and Stilwell are still without of MLA support. Half of the current BC Liberal caucus will need to decide whom they will support in leadership race, but more announcements is expected right after the New Year or in second week of January.

Clark and gaming grants

Christy Clark as next BC premier will immediately increase funds for Community Gaming Grants for 12.5% over the current $120 million that is set aside for the programs. Initial increase of $15 million dollars is coming as part of her “Families First Agenda for BC”.

“This is the time of year we really notice the work a lot of these organizations do and it’s important to remember they provide needed services year-round. I believe these groups provide an invaluable service to British Columbia and we need to ensure they have the support they need to continue their work”, said Clark in press statement on Wednesday morning.

Her intention is to ensure that these groups will have stable source of funding. According to Clark’s statement return from this investment is incredible from simple reason that these organizations are host for variety of programs from the arts and culture to sport and social services. Clark will held a meetings with local non-profits in New Year to get their input how to funding structure can be improved in the future.


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