Falcon stirs up public with educational reform proposal

VANCOUVER/SURREY – As it was expected first days of the New Year are bringing more heat to the Liberals campaign; education, economy, governmental reforms are just few of agendas which will be presented today and over next few days or weeks. Media and public proclaimed frontrunner, Kevin Falcon, started avalanche with his educational reform agenda regarding payment structure and awarding teachers works based on successfulness, years of service and level of education.

Falcon’s agenda consists with Obama’s idea to reform US educational system, currently worth billions of dollars. Yesterday Falcon said to the media he wants to see good teachers rewarded adding that facilities or technology are not the most important elements of educational processes.

“When you look at education … it is not how great your physical facilities are, it’s not how fantastic the technology in the classroom is. It is actually the teacher at the front of the classroom that is the best determinant of student outcomes”, Falcon said on Monday.

BC Teachers Federation, same as US Teachers unions, immediately attacked this idea and accused Falcon for undermining educational system since 2001 when he became part of Campbell’s Cabinet. BCTF president, Susan Lambert, explain this idea as destructive with nothing good in it for BC educational system.

“It’s a destructive idea that doesn’t bode well for public education. The way you foster excellence in teaching is providing sufficient resources to the system so there are tenable learning conditions”, she said.

Out there in public you will found a lot of pros and contra for this idea, but at the end some sort of educational reform will emerge in next few years, caused not only by elemental changes in technology improvement in connection with education but also by changes in education of teachers. Modern times need modernized educational system and successful educational system. Looking into Falcon’s idea I can agree with element that teachers should be rewarded by percentage of their success in education of children, but I also think that level of education must to be rewarded because that will ensure us that children will be educated by latest and greatest standards. Years of service should be included in that but not predominantly.

Idea as ideas should be discussed and the best way will be somewhere on the half. I’m always afraid when one side wants to perform some sort of reform and other comes out shouting out loud that idea is destructive or “stupid”. Obstructions to reforms will be always there; sometimes teachers will not be ready to start reforms, sometimes parents will be against that or politicians will not seem to understand presented ideas; and I think that ideas should be discussed in best pledge for the kids education and improvement before someone puts at the front his/hers interest. Thinking out of the box is the best approach and it will help to everyone. Let’s start discussion not wars.

De Jong, Abbott, Stilwell and Clark

Two other Liberal leadership candidates, Mike De Jong and George Abbott, will present their agendas today. Mike De Jong’s agenda will go in a way of economic reform, and Abbott’s agenda will target governmental reform as top of his campaign to became BC premier and Liberal leader in February 2011. Dr. Moira Stilwell, first candidate to enter the race, pledged $10 million dollars for a college development program on Revelstoke, and Christy Clark revealed video message on her web site regarding “Families First Agenda” which was more eulogy to her late father then a video about practical elements of her agenda.

Ed Mayne joins leadership race

According to media reports today we can expect once more candidate to enter the race. Politically almost unknown, Mayor of Parksville, Ed Mayne who was Tim Horton’s executive before he become Mayor in 2008 wants to succeed Gordon Campbell as a leader of party and Province. He thinks that he’s previous experience in managerial field and short Mayor career gives him enough abilities to lead one of the biggest and strongest provinces or states in North America. Every effort and candidacy is very welcome, but how successful his bid will be it will be seen in the future.


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