Agreement among the candidates, economy and jobs the most important issues

BC Businessmen’s and woman’s who gathered on Tuesday morning in Vancouver’s Convention Centre had a great chance to faced themselves with six BC Liberals leadership candidates and to discuss some of the most interesting questions regarding BC future under new leadership. If we exclude fact that candidates didn’t start real debate, but nice and mild conversation, some great ideas emerged from this gathering. Two things catch largest attention: six strong wishers to win next elections against BC NDP and to kept party and coalition strong and united.

Regarding win against BCNDP in 2013 George Abbott said [we] know how that movie ends – it is horror movie, it is disaster movie, adding that someone who stars in this movie has initials N.D.P. Former education minister, Abbott, continued in same tone explaining what’s he’s goal in the future as premier of the province.

“We can build win, win, and win – for our communities, First Nations, our industries in this province – we need to focus on resource industries. We need to focus on generating results and revenues for the people of British Columbia”, said Abbott.

Christy Clark, Mike De Jong, Kevin Falcon, Ed Mayne and Dr. Moira Stilwell (Photo: The Province)

Mr. Abbott is quite right here and what’s the most important for the people of the province is revenue and economy, if we get that in next two and half years win-win situation will be much easier for new premier. Communities are in need for new revenues especially for new infrastructure projects for example Fraser Valley wants Skytrain to be extended to their part of the province. Further art and charitable associations urging provincial government to give them more money from gambling revenues for their programs and remaining question is how to do that? Maybe Mr. Abbott could give them that answer and help his rival Christy Clark in effort to ensure extra $15 million for this cause. Beside this Mr. Abbott together with Mr. Kevin Falcon how they will replace several hundred million dollars if they lower HST for one of two percentage points as they mention that previously in the race?

Jock Finlayson, vice-president of the Business Council of BC, believes that shortage of funds in provincial budget limited leadership candidates in both parties, NDP and BCL, to enlist new expensive initiatives for their mandates in the future.

“There’s a lot of agreement among the candidates on the most of the issues. The challenge for the candidates – and this is the same for the candidates for the NDP leadership – is that there is not a lot of money available, so you don’t have candidates coming up with expensive new initiatives”, says Finlayson in an interview.

Frontrunner and the most popular [at least in public eyes] Christy Clark urged all present at Convention Centre to come out and talk to public about what’s coming next and what’s hopeful for the future of British Columbians.

“We are gonna have to put on a tough campaign, we are gonna need to work hard. We are gonna need every single one of you to get out there and talk about what’s coming next and what’s hopeful for the future of British Columbians. Not just here but all across the province were families need a jobs to support themselves”, says Clark.

As usual Christy Clark didn’t said nothing new or nothing interesting what could ensure us that she’s right choice for province leadership position. Once again Ms. Clark wants early elections if she wins this race, so she can get a mandate from electorate since she’s second candidates without MLA status at the moment. Since she calls for more accountability and open government, she could, open herself to the public and membership declaring her intentions in the case if she doesn’t win this race. We still don’t know if she will stay as active politician if she loses this battle or she’ll prove speculations in public about her as top position hunter. Globe and Mail’s sharp eye, Gary Mason tweeted today following:

“That’s wrap… Good morning for Abbott-DeJong-Falcon. CC needs more original ideas. She could win headlines w[ith] muni[cipal] aud[itor] gen[eral] idea”. Once more Mason is right Christy Clark indeed needs more original and innovative ideas on her road to win on February 26th, 2011 on leadership vote.

Third top runner, Kevin Falcon, continues to receive major support from business community what could be his greater plus on the road to the Mount Premiership. Also Falcon remains one of the candidates who are very well supported in Chinese, Taiwanese and Hindu communities in the province especially in Richmond and Surrey. He’s intention as premier is to build much stronger relations with Asia because Asian economy is on the rise and could be strong and important export/import partner of the province.

“If we has a leadership to connect on what we have already in BC, on great multicultural base that we have in BC and if we connect that on growth in Asia, I’m telling you we will secure our economy for next generation and beyond”, said Falcon.

Membership and possible winner

Current speculations are that BC Liberals entered this race with 35.000 members and between November and present day three top candidates Falcon, Abbott and Clark signed in huge crowds of new members for just $10 dollars. Let’s say that each of them signed somewhere between 5 and 10 thousand new members final number of candidates could be close to 70.000 members, plus few more thousands added by De Jong, Dr. Stilwell and Mayne.

Almost everyone in the province is pretty sure that three candidates, De Jong-Dr. Stilwell-Mayne, are without chance to win but they will be kingmakers on February 26th. Clark, Abbott and Falcon will fight hard for first prize and chance to become new premier, maybe only BC Premier elected directly and only by members of the party. Latest statements in the media are showing Clark as first, Abbott is second and Falcon is third, but Falcon is not convinced in that. Lately he say that he’s comfortable with that position because he doesn’t care about media spins, rather thinks about his policies and what he can offer to the voters. Last run will be tight; whoever wins will have a great deal to lead a province and to ensure to fulfill Abbott’s wish for win, win and win situation on next elections.


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