Balkan protests started in Albania, could spread to other countries

African North is under pressure for democratic changes, but that “dangerous” syndrome is not exclusive only for Northern Africa. Southern Balkan is also faced with protests against tyranny and undemocratic regime in Tirana, Capital of Albania. Opposition parties and civic society organisations led by Tirana Mayor and leader of major opposition Socialistic party come out on Tirana streets in protest against “unacceptable regime” ruled by Prime Minister, Sali Berisha. Looking into current situation in Balkan region soon or later Albania wouldn’t be alone in this situation. Bosnia and Herzegovina waits almost four months on new government on Federal level, Croatian unemployment could reach 350.000 in near future and this is election year, both countries are faced with rising corruption on the top levels what is making situation much more difficult. Serbia as one of the biggest, but from time to time member of weakest countries club, is fighting with milk and food shortages, gas prices are rising.


All mentioned countries in Southern Europe are almost in same situation. Democracy levels are still very low, leaders are proclaiming their democratic aspirations but at the end major percentage of them acts in manner of communistic leaders from late 1940’s and early 1950’s. The best example if former Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader who’s currently detained in Austrian jail waiting on extradition to his native country on accusations for corruption and damages to state companies and federal budget. Up to this moment Sanader is accused for damages closed to $3 billion dollars. He was one of the leaders who lead his country in a manner of Nicolae Causescu or some other communistic leader. His successor and former right hand aid, Jadranka Kosor, tries today to defend her government and ruling party accusing her former colleagues from Sanader government for criminal and corruption.

On the other side in Bosnia and Herzegovina leader of the Social-Democrats, Zlatko Lagumdzija (Muslim), who’s wish is to become federal Prime Minister is undergoing investigations for bribery and corruption worth more then half a million dollars. Several of his party colleagues are investigated under same accusations for collaboration with him in out-law activities. There is no difference between Social-Democrats and other political parties because every other political party has few high ranking members under the investigation or charged for corruption. Unemployment reached last year magic number of 50% unemployed workers. Shadow economy is rising everyday causing new damages to budget and further development of the country.

Protests in Albania (Photo:

Leader of largest Croatian party in Bosnia, Dragan Covic, is accused in several hundred corruption cases but thanks to his well established relations with judicial system Mr. Covic escapes jail sentence every time when he face himself with justice.  President of smaller Bosnian entity and former PM, Milorad Dodik, is just copy of Dragan Covic, few dozens of cases is filed against him but thanks to immunity and weak judicial system he’s still free.  So once more despotism and tyranny is well preserved in a countries whom are in need for structural and factual reforms in the heart of Europe.

On the other end of Balkan, in Serbia, Deputy PM and Minister of Police is Milosevic’s closest aid and supporter Ivica Dacic. Mr. Dacic is a men well often known as “Little Slobodan” regarding his previous behaviour and actions in post-Milosevic era.  Today he represents “high values” of Serbian democracy and European aspirations. Hardly that he can be representative of democracy when we know that he’s party was closely connected with all sorts of criminals even those ones who assassinated PM Zoran Djindjic in centre of Belgrade in mid day. Neo-fascism and Neo-Nazism are rising every day, percentage of severe crimes is extremely high police is not doing to much to stop it.

Dacic’s coalition partners led by Democratic Party and her leader, Serbian president Tadic, doesn’t do much do suppress poverty, budget deficits and to ensure that all citizens are covered by medical insurance. Largest state companies were sold to Russian “investors” very close to Vladimir Putin and his establishment, they hold monopole on several important areas of life, leaving small space to local companies to success. Other areas of life are under control of local magnates, according to media reports close to criminal milieu, which are causing new waves of pressure on citizens.

Albanian protests are possible start of new wave which will cause many new fights with governments and clashes with local tyrant’s whom are describing themselves as democratic leaders. Other parts of Eastern Europe could also come under “attack” of demonstrators in effort to reach democracy and proper life standards and next on the list could be Lukashenko in Belorussia or duo Medvedev/Putin in Russia.


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