BC NDP video attacks on Liberals

BC NDP launched an advertising campaign attacking the main BC Liberals leadership candidates. It seems that BC NDP is more concerned about actions and agenda of BC Liberals then it’s own problems in leadership race and continuing constitutional problems, membership controversies and personal attacks among leadership candidates. More then 100.000 people in the province will receive NDP’s video ad regarding BC Liberals on their e-mail addresses and, other who wants to see 30-second online video will be directed to the one of the popular site which will carry this video as paid advertisement. BC NDP didn’t said how much money will be spend on online space for this ad’s and from which funds they will pay for it. 


“We think it’s important that the people of British Columbia have the full picture of who’s running for the Liberal leadership, and so we’re doing out part to fill in those gaps”, said in an interview NDP provincial secretary, Jan O’Brian.

Video narration accuses all the Liberal leadership candidates they were key players in Gordon Campbell’s cabinet and that they all supported the HST and were part of the BC Rail scandal.

After only one watching you can spot that BC NDP is misinforming citizens of British Columbia. First misinformation is that “all candidates” were key players of premier Campbell cabinet. At least two of six candidates were not key players in Campbell’s cabinet, Dr. Miora Stilwell [rookie MLA and cabinet member] and Ed Mayne who was Parksville mayor since 2008. So what that shows to us? BC NDP is trying to attack everyone for everything even if that is not true just to revert public attention from their own problems.

“For almost a decade they’ve kept families from  getting ahead, resulting in an era of record child poverty and they’ve all promised to continue Gordon Campbell’s reckless economic policies”, says narrator in the ad.

O’Brien also said that they will continue to reveal more data on individual candidates in BC Liberals leadership race in effort to inform BC citizens regarding BC Liberals intentions in next period. This campaign will be continued after February 26th, when the province will get new premier.

It would be more interesting to see BC NDP’s ads on their policies and ideas who to change current situations if it is that severely bad as they describe it in the video, and to hear from them what would be their direction in party rebuild and rebranding as possible successor of BC Liberals on next elections. If you’re unable to win elections in a decade, if your MLA’s are starting inner-party wars with leader, and if your campaign is concentrated on personal attacks among candidates, something is wrong not only with your party but also with your whole organisation.  

On the other side those who are following BC Liberal race are aware that we didn’t saw any personal attack’s between candidates, harsh discussion’s regarding policies or agendas are just regular leadership actions, but BC Liberals are concerned on themselves and their future. We saw some attacks from Christy Clark on BC NDP, but we didn’t saw any party advertisement campaign which attacks other party or “reveals” facts on BC NDP members.

My message to BC NDP and all other parties in BC and Canada would be old Bosnian proverb: “First clean your own yard, then come to clean main.” Make yourself stronger and united then go in attack on others, if you only attack others not working on yourself you can expect only one thing to happen to you. You’ll receive a boomerang, everything what you did to others will comeback on pay later in the future. 

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