Diplomatic offensive in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Turkey’s Foreign Minister and one of the smartest Euro-Asian politician at the moment, Ahmet Davutoglu, visits Bosnia and Herzegovina in last two days in effort to gather information’s related to political negotiations to form new federal and lower level governments. FM Davutoglu also represents Ministerial Council of European Council, but he’s visit to three largest cities is not very welcome by all state leaders.

In his statement during a visit to Bosnian capital of Sarajevo, FM Davutoglu, said that he’s there to talk to the leaders and to see if there is any way to help political leaders to reach agreement on the coalition platform, but he doesn’t want to be negotiator or mediator in that process. He repeatedly express Turkish wish to help Bosnia on her road to EU and NATO, adding that Turkey as regional leader will offer all available help in rebuilding stronger and successful Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Turkish diplomat was already included in many regional talks and improve some damaged relations between Bosnia and Serbia, successfully bringing Bosnian representative Mr. Siladjzic and Serbian leader Mr. Tadic to Istanbul on negotiations which ended up with Istanbul declaration agreement.

Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu (Photo: Worldbulletin.net)

During his visit to Sarajevo he talked to the Bosniaks political leaders, continuing his tour in Mostar which in seat of largest Croatian political parties. He strongly supported coalition platform which is signed by two Bosniak, and two Croat parties, which is unfortunately discharged by major Serb and Croatian parties. That situation is causing long delay in forming new government based on the October 2010 election results.

“Our quest for equality of all national groups on the Bosnian territory is policy which guide us to the EU. Minister Davutoglu said that we reached good agreement but we are missing an important element in it, and that is stronger support of Croatian people. That basically means that we need to transform this situation into better future for all Bosnian citizens”, said in an interview Dr. Zvonko Jurisic, leader of small but influential Croatian Justice Party.

On Saturday afternoon Serbian representative in Bosnian Presidency, Nebojsa Radmanovic, cancelled meeting with Turkish diplomat do to dispute over the Republic of Srpska flag in the meeting room. This diplomatic scandal didn’t prevent Radmanovic’s party boss and president of Republic of Srpska, Milorad Dodik to meet Mr. Davutoglu.

During their meeting Mr. Davutoglu informed President Dodik on Turkish stand that they will offer help on the road to political success but they will not take any sides in this dispute. President Dodik welcome Turkey’s neutral stand and welcomed Davutoglu’s wish to help. Both politician extend official calls for visits to Turkey and capital of smaller Bosnian entity in the future adding hopes that visits will result in major contributions to the economical, cultural and any other cooperation on behalf of all sides and citizens of Bosnia and Turkey.

Minister Davutoglu is second high ranking diplomatic official who visits Bosnia in less than 72 hours. Preceding his vitis to three Bosnian cities, Swedish Foreign Minister and former EU High Representative in Bosnia, Carl Bildt, visited Sarajevo and held meetings with officials of the international community. Earlier this month several Bosnian political leaders visited Berlin for bilateral talks with German Chancellor Merkel who offered her help on the coalition agreement process. Mrs. Merkel will meet some other political leaders in February and March what could result with coalition agreement in Bosnian political dispute.

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