Clark defends her role in BC Rail case, Falcon and Abbott are campaigning

BC Liberal candidates are on the run all over the province to sign up last members before we reach February 4th deadline. According to latest membership projections gathered by journalists from several sources close to leadership camps Liberals will finish a second phase of the race with 70.000 members, what’s doubled membership since November of last year. Doubled membership means that a lot of people in the province are interested in BC Liberals but also in their future, a lot of young BC citizens decided to sign up seeing in this a chance to turn around current direction of the provincial political stream.

Three main candidates, Clark-Falcon-Abbott, are not wasting any time. All weapons of modern communications, personal contacts, and lobbying are in full power in effort to sign as many as possible members and to present themselves as the best option for the province. Three remaining candidates, De Jong-Dr. Stilwell-Mayne, doing a same thing but they are almost without real chances to win this race. It would be wrong to write them off, they will continue or start to play significant roles in caucus and BC Liberal party based on a wide province support gathered in this race.

Christy Clark denies any role in BC Rail case (Photo: The Vancouver Sun)

Lately Christy Clark receives huge media attention. Attention towards Ms. Clark doesn’t come as a result of her proposals or new initiatives presented by her camp it comes as a result of continued pressure regarding BC Rail Case. Global TV and CKNW 980 AM radio devoted quite impressive amounts of space to this eight year long saga and Clark’s role in it. Main player in this story, as I wrote previously, is blogger and commentator Alex G. Tsakumis who’s continuing to present court and investigation documents regarding this case, and urging Ms. Clark to call full and independent inquiry in BC Rail case if she becomes premier later next month. Tsakumis, who talked on Sunday with CKNW’s Sean Leslie, said that he’s intention is not to present Ms. Clark as a criminal or person included in illegitimate action but he, and public, wants answers regarding this case.

“If she has nothing with this case she should ask for inquiry. Why she’s deflecting an inquiry if she’s totally clear”, said Mr. Tsakumis on CKNW Radio.

Clark’s response on accusations and Tskaumis thoughts presented on his blog once more showed her previous attitude towards BC Rail case saying that she commit any crime or has anything with BC Rail dealings when she was Campbell’s deputy. Few days ago on an event organized by her campaign, and according to tweets from that event, Ms. Clark described Mr. Tsakumis as “voice in wilderness”. Maybe Mr. Tsakumis is “voice in wilderness” of BC blogosphere but are the documents presented on his blog “voice of wilderness” that’s a still remaining question?

Kevin Falcon is absent from the media last few days, but his machine works very hard and passionate helping him to become new premier. How ever follows Falcon on Twitter is able to read his expression from all parts of the province but also some intimate tweets regarding his family time and appreciation to the beauty of this patch of Earth were we live.

He also continues with release of video answers sent to him or his team via Twitter, latest answer was on a question posted by my friend Kalim Kassam (@KalimKassam) tackling violent and property crime in BC. Campaign Falcon 20/20 formed by several dozens of leading BC businessmen’s and businesswoman’s works hardly to help him on the road to the provincial top office and more about their plans you can find on:

Biggest danger to Falcon and Clark and possible kingmaker George Abbott is busy with gathering support all over the province but also presenting his ideas on open and accessible government, also he’s works on child poverty in BC. Both ideas presented by Abbott are well worth of discussion later in the year because government is out of touch with people especially in remote areas of the province. Child poverty is one of the greatest problems in last decade or so and I’m pretty sure that Abbott as a father and experienced politician could help a lot on that issue.

All six BC Liberal candidates will have a chance to meet face to face for two events in a row first on February 2 in Kamloops and February 3 in Prince George, these debates should help undecided members and potential members to decide whom to support on leadership vote on February 26th. Next debate open to membership in Metro Vancouver and Lower Mainland will be held on February 12 when the party will vote on a change of voting system in Vancouver’s Convention Centre. Those ones who are interested into option to seeing individual candidates on gathering should visit their web sites and check their schedules for next three weeks or so before leadership vote.


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