Hansen, leadership race and backroom dealings

SURREY – When team Kevin Falcon announce big news for Friday morning almost ¾ of self-proclaimed commentators expected that Falcon will announce he’s resignation from leadership race. On first look this was ridiculous idea not only because Falcon doesn’t have any intention to do that, just simply because facts and elements are on his side. As I predicted announcement was connected with another extremely strong and prestigious MLA and Cabinet member who joined his team.

HST minister in new role

One of the two most unpopular politicians in the province, so called HST minister, current Finance and Health minister Colin Hansen steps in and gives a support to Falcon’s idea of new leadership for British Columbia.

Hansen’s current position on the public popularity scale maybe is questionable but among the members and his constituency Hansen is extremely popular and it will be able to secure more powerful votes to Falcon’s bid. Wide spread connections all over the province and outside of the province will help improvement of Falcon’s image as strong and favourable candidate for next period especially when discussion comes to securing good relations with federal and provincial governments in Canada.

Campbell’s right hand also wants to ensure that he’ll stay in the governmental or at least leading team of the BC Liberals in next two years before province gets new government with full four year mandate. To stay and help that team as much as he can beside the fact that he’s not very popular in public.

Leadership race downsized on four

Two great candidates and possible leaders of BC Liberals stepped down and express their wish to support George Abbott in remaining time of the campaign. Dr. Moira Stilwell, first candidate and first women who enter Liberals leadership race stepped down after months of hard working and well-presented policy proposals. I’m pretty sure that her supporters can be really proud on her work and picture left in the public during last months. Strong practical knowledge and long-term experience help her to bring out several amazing ideas.

Clearly she doesn’t poses large political experience but we can discharge her as someone who will lead part of the Party towards unity and improvement of the standards in next few years. Whoever becomes new premier should think about Dr. Stilwell as a strong candidate for a position of next Health minister. She could understand needs and situations of BC Health system and citizens of the province.

Ed Mayne followed Dr. Stilwell in support to George Abbott what was probably expected not days but weeks ago. Still he’s business experience is great asset and it should be used for better understanding of BC and Canadian business needs especially in opening towards Asia and Europe markets in following years.

Remaining four will face themselves in a last debate on Sunday on Shaw TV. Hope that last debate will be the best and most satisfying for all BC Liberals and overall public in days before historical vote which will install 35th premier of the British Columbia.

Backroom dealings

Christy Clark attacked her rivals on speculated backroom dealings and preparations for voting process, but that is not unusual move in political worlds in this time. Abbott and Falcon as the most popular candidates in the Caucus are probably discussing methods and ways of cooperation not only for a sake of premier’s position but also for a sake of party unity and strong move ahead in post-Campbell era. These two will take a strong lead of the party supported by Hansen, Coleman, Stilwell, and many others in the caucus and outside of the caucus.

They should not be guilty for their cooperation or possible cooperation. No one is guilty to Clark if they don’t see her as leader and they don’t want to get engaged in conversations with her. That is a reason why I tweeted that current Liberal leadership race is currently running in two lines one compiled by Abbott, Falcon and De Jong and Clark in second line, just because they saw BC’s future and political path in the different ways. I don’t say that they wouldn’t cooperate with her if she wins, but at the moment they are building their own platform for February 26th.


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