Premier-designated will be hero or fallen soldier

VANCOUVER – British Columbia has a new premier-designate, that’s the most important news from BC Liberal “convention” which was held at Vancouver’s Trade and Convention Centre on Saturday night. Former minister, deputy premier, mayoral candidate and talk-show host Christy Clark is elected to succeed her former boss Gordon Campbell in Victoria and to lead coalition party towards stronger province. Following her in the finish line were Kevin Falcon, George Abbott and Mike De Jong with two candidates who already decide to step down in favour of Abbott.

Lot of work

Premier Clark will have a rough start as 35th premier of the Province and the road ahead is not without bumps and dangerous obstacles for her. She would be forced to work on two different but essentially incredible connected fields. First and the most important one is BC Liberal party, coalition team which needs to stay together and to survive rebuilding and revitalization process as soon as possible. Many would say that province and citizens of the province are the most important, but to Clark party must to be first if she wants to retain in power for next a while before she gets a chance to call provincial elections.

Yes, it was amazingly to saw all members of the Cabinet and majority of the caucus standing behind her back just moments after her acceptance speech in Vancouver on Saturday night, but behind that scene we heard many different opinions. Several current MLA’s and former Cabinet ministers were thinking out loud about options to go out of the Caucus and start their new era as independents or as BC Conservative MLA’s. If Bill Bennett and John Van Dongen decide to leave BC Liberals maybe following with few more undecided MLA’s that could be end of her majority and put her in a difficult position to fulfill all promises to her voters and BC citizens. Outgoing Premier Campbell and his intention to resign from Legislature is also problem for her because that one hand in the Legislature could mean more than others just in a light of securing majority. Every single vote is enormously important.

In a same time she’ll need to work with party on the options how to get a mandate so she can become MLA and be able to say that she’s premier with people’s mandate.

Promises to fulfill

During her campaign Christy Clark promised a lot of different policies to be installed or reinstalled under her leadership up to the moment of new provincial elections. She promised a lot to Families, non-governmental organizations and to all citizens of the province. But would she be able to fulfill that, we’ll see when new or old [what is hard to believe] Finance Minister looks under the hood of provincial finances and enlists full situation with debt and available revenues.

Whole situation is not extremely promising but if she starts leading province as she said that it would, maybe she can really start new era for the province.


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