Work starts when?

SURREY – In less than 48 hours BC government will sworn-in and start governing under the command of new Premier and leader Christy Clark. Second BC government which will be lead by woman in last 135 years will face itself with enormous amount of problems which are in need for resolution.

For pundits and commentators biggest question is who will be members of this cabinet and when they will start their work in ministerial positions. What is currently clear Clark will incorporate all or majority of her rivals in Cabinet, adding few new faces but not even close to the top positions. Going through the names of possible candidates for top positions is easy visible that George Abbott should continue his work in education post in a moments of unrest in Surrey schools and repeated threats of school closings. His supporter and rookie minister, Dr. Moira Stilwell, should become new health minister as I wrote that earlier not only because she’s great professional but also becuse she retains great amount of support among membership of BC Liberals. When we think about Kevin Falcon and his position in government under Clarks command one thing is sure, he’s closest to become Deputy Premier, then being next Finance Minister. The best position for Falcon, business student and close confident of major businessmen’s and women’s would be position on which he can be man for do it not men for think about it.

When the goverment starts it’s work? It should start on Monday morning even before they sworn-in as ministers and first minister. Urgent action is necessity in these days and if she [Premier Clark] really wants to change BC she must to address all problems in education, health and infrastructure without delays adding to that work on budget situation left by Campbell’s team.

How much they need to work? After almost full year without fully functioning government and legislature this team should start working 24/7 up to the moment when follow BC citizens can really feel effects of their work. That’s is even more important if we know that possibility of spring elections on federal level is bigger every single day, and that will have respectable impact on her start.

“Families Fist” and changes are expected let’s seen when they will come. Hope that this government wouldn’t end up its mandate as it was in cases of Bill VanDerZalm and Rita Johnson. Good luck to all ministers and Premier Clark.


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