Federal elections: Day 2

SURREY – Campaigning started in third gear and makes everything much more interesting than it was expected on Friday when Harper’s government lost Parliament confidence. Beside all important issues which are bothering Canadians and threaten to endanger their future or at least make it harder, caretaker PM Stephen Harper talks about “coalition” which could be formed by Liberals, NDP and Bloc. Rivals Layton, Duceppe and Ignatieff are firm in accusation of Harper to be liar, feared of democracy and elections. All of them are heading today or tomorrow towards BC in effort to secure some of the most important seats in first days of campaign knowing that BC could be place of decision on May 2.

Defensive Stephen Harper started his campaign attacking Opposition for intentions to form coalition government placing that as a threat to Canadian political system and to all citizens clearly forgetting some important facts. Since he retain power in 2006 he’s leading Canada in some sort of coalition government cooperating with Bloc, NDP or Liberals from time to time when some of his laws or policies needs majority in the Parliament to be approved. Coalition is nothing else than cooperation in effort to fulfill your own agenda and election promises. Unofficial or official coalition is still coalition. Earlier today he attacked Bloc as separatists and destroyers of Canada, but I didn’t saw his anger towards Bloc when they vote for his budgets and laws, nor in 2004 when he sit down with “Jack & Gilles” to ask for coalition government? Well that’s a just a same old flip-flopping game played by his team and himself. Two days in this campaign and not even a word about jets, jails, taxes, reforms especially one regarding Senate, or scandals which are badly damaging his [Harper’s] image in eyes of many Canadians. Hope that he’ll change his rhetoric and give to all of us something interesting to address in next three to four weeks of campaigning.

Just one more note on Stephen Harper’s rhetoric in this elections. He shouldn’t use Canadian sportsmen and women as part of his campaign because they didn’t won gold medals on Vancouver Olympic Games for him, CPC or any other politician. They did it for Canada and clearly he’s not Canada, CPC is not Canada nor either Liberals, NDP, Bloc, Greens or whichever political party in this country. Canada is citizens of this country without looking to their names, colors or ethnic ancestry.

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff talked today about taxes, jails and fighter jets which are supposed to be purchased without public biding and with hidden costs newly discovered by Kevin Page. But the most interesting element in his rhetoric is that he sees Stephen Harper as a leader of dictatorship regime who hates democracy and doesn’t want to face himself with voters on elections. Today standing in same hotel where Harper signed famous 2004 letter of intention to Governor General to overtake government from Paul Martin Ignatieff said he’s not meeting “Jack & Gilles” in a hotel rooms talking about coalition agreements. This clearly means that Ignatieff and Harper will punch each other very hardly on this questions in next few weeks. But even if he just defends himself from Harper’s attacks, Ignatieff should start talking more about real issues and real problems of Canadians telling us how to change current situation.

Looking  these two leaders and their first encounters with media representatives all over the country we can easily say that Harper is not comfortable to answer on question, easily becomes angry, and use French much less then that it situation with Ignatieff. On the other side Ignatieff uses his professorial experience and talks much more without looking into paper, looks directly to camera or the people who are present in the room, looks much more confident.

Gilles Duceppe and Jack Layton are campaigning on their well known stands and running campaigns almost similar to previous ones and there is no nothing interesting what could or should be point out as important at this moment in the campaign. That doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t take out their joker cards later in the campaign. Currently they are very important helpers to Ignatieff’s bid for Prime Minister position revealing all important details from their negotiations with Harper in 2004.

In my opinion face to face debates will be crucial points in this campaign, and then we will be able to say whom will be closest to become next Canadian Prime Minister.


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