“Back to the future” by Conservatives

SURREY – Election campaign continues across Canada with political leaders, candidates, pundits, and volunteers running a race with time to show Canadians their qualities and the best policies in effort to secure win on May elections. Early promises and policy unveilings are always expected and welcomed because that gives you more time to explain them and discuss possible changes with your supporters, or to attack your rivals and their policies. Season is opened today here at home in BC, in Saanich, were was in visit Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, man who claims that he cares about Canadians, their lives and their wellbeing through stable government, economy and good policies. And then he blow all that in less then a half an hour talking about policy which should help parents through splitting incomes and securing more money for their kids under age of 18.

Conservative leader Stephen Harper in Saanich, BC (Photo: The Globe and Mail)

Such a wonderful idea to help a parents and kids, probably to ensure some funds for their education or for extra activities, but Harper wants them to WAIT on him and government to eliminate deficit and fix everything, what COULD happen in 5 to 6 maybe 7 years or never if mixture of elements doesn’t work in Harper’s favour. You must to be unintellectual, I don’t want to you other word, if you think that you can win an election if you’ll promise something what would happen NEVER, because you already show to people that they can’t trust you. The best example is rising deficit from $13 billion to $50+ billion in matter of days, overspending on everything from G8/G20 meetings, to fighter jets, jails and ads paid with average people taxes. My question to Stephen Harper and Conservatives is: Why you don’t give tax cuts to parents now and postpone for example jail investments for year or two?

If Harper doesn’t change something rapidly in his campaign chances for win and majority will be smaller and smaller every single day. “Jack & Gilles”, Michael even Elizabeth could be able to take many Conservative seats not only in BC but across Canada, and that will be end of Conservative rule in House of Commons.

Maybe I’m too harsh on Harper and Conservatives but even others are not much better than they are. Ignatieff is fighting to fill a gaps in his leadership picture and to show his ability to succeed Harper as Prime Minister, there are some improvements but in his picture is too much of Stephen Harper. Ignatieff should let Harper to rest in peace and start talking what are Liberal policies and what he’s offering to Canadian’s in a days after May 2. He’s an intellectual, professor and journalist who should know how to approach people and touch them with his own words moving them towards Liberals and giving them hope.

Layton has story and ideas but it seems that his creative and support teams are not such a great elements of the campaign in first days. Fairly small gatherings, concentration on his health and abilities to fulfill campaign duties should be attacked as soon as possible. We all know that there is no chance for NDP win but a strong third place will be success for this party and it’s leader in next mandate.

Taking everything so far in account it seems that Ottawa and sides will be stay at same positions in next few years. Status quo wouldn’t be surprise.


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