First week down, no visible winner

SURREY – When Official Opposition decided to vote against Conservative minority government on last Friday we expected heated and interesting campaign, but not as much as it is today after first week. Main candidates and their parties showed to Canadian public not only through mainstream media, but also through social-media channels. Currently we are able to follow more then few interesting wars which will probably decide election results and faith of Canadian political scene in next few years if not in decades.

Harper against everyone, everyone against Harper

Stephen Harper, Conservative leader, finally stepped out of his Prime Ministerial office on Parliament Hill and amazed Canadian public with his rigid, unpleasant and on moments ridiculous attitude not only towards rivals Ignatieff, Layton and Duceppe but also against journalists especially CBC’s veteran reporter Terry Milewski (@CBCTerry). Emperor Harper, how’s CPC leader is nicknamed by my friend and fellow blogger Pete Quily (@pqpolitics), turned on his ugly side and attacked everyone who doesn’t think in his way or at least in a way of thinking figured out by his “strategic” team.

Caging journalists and keeping them on “safe distance” of 40 foot limited on only 5 or 4 questions a day, this number depends from reporter to reporter but it is truthful information, Harper is trying to finish this campaign in safe zone without any gaffes and mistakes. But it seems that public image doesn’t work in that way at least not in this elections. It seems that he forgets that someone invested boomerang what could hit him in the head really badly and turn Canadians away from him and his party in this election, I can be wrong but one day that will happen and it will be real disaster.

Social-media spectrum regarding this election campaign, as much as I can see that, is not comfortable with Harper and his political message, campaign and attitude. They are clearly saying Harper is not the best choice for Prime Minister position, is not someone who’ll be backed by Canadians. Following their voices first election polls are showing support to Ignatieff (Liberals), Layton (NDP) and even May (Greens) is on the slight rise not to much but considerably going upwards.

Greens and debate

Elizabeth May is heading towards court rooms and Canadian justice system in effort to secure her place in national televised debates which will take a place in next three weeks. Main opponent to May is media consortium which wants to include only seated national party’s in their debates. We all say something regarding this issues and I don’t think that is need to be repeated that May and Greens should be there and should be able to tell their side of truth or other side of medal in face-off with Harper, Ignatieff, Layton and Duceppe.

On the other side Canadian public at large wouldn’t loose anything neither get something special from May’s attendance on this debates, only impact would be on her potential supporters and party members to energize force needed on the road to Parliament Hill in next mandate period.

And at the end let’s just say that if Elizabeth May doesn’t win a seat in this elections she should think about political retirement and giving a chance to someone else to lead Green Party in leader position.

Iggy and Jack

Beside his temporary disability which requires him to walk with crutch Jack Layton runs pretty smooth and well organized campaign which is considered as very innovative and well strategized in all communication channels. From media appearances to apps for mobile devices NDP scores real points in several highly interesting areas in Canada wide space. Jack is not without good ideas and proposals, but these will stay unimplemented due to his inability to win elections and become Prime Minister.

Small, loudly, crowds are following Layton on his stops across Canada strongly supporting his ideas, talking to him and telling him what are they biggest problems in this critical times. Too bad for Layton that small crowds are still have same meaning. Prime Minister position is still unreachable and this election results will have impact on his position also as it would be in May’s case.

Layton’s and Harper’s worst nightmare, Michael “Iggy” [as he nicknamed himself] Ignatieff plays totally different game than it was expected. There is almost nothing from that Ignatieff from House of Commons, cold, arrogant and sometimes to framed Michael Ignatieff is past at least for next few weeks. Casual, relaxed, open, talkative are just few of clearly visible elements of Ignatieff’s image in these days. He runs fairly smart campaign founded on good ideas, with caution that Canadian’s wouldn’t recognize his message due to his short political career, anyways surprises are always possible.

Yeah Ignatieff has an impressive agenda which he wants to fulfill in next few years, only question is how much money he’ll have on disposition, budget is always biggest threat to Prime Ministers and their teams on the road to success.

In conclusion of first week we can say that first week is down, and there is not visible winner but as far as everything unveils Michael Ignatieff and Jack Layton are in small advantage in front of Stephen Harper. If CPC leader doesn’t change his approach, that advantage could become serious and dangerous. Good luck to all leaders and candidates in second week.


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