Canadians and coalition

Latest polls conducted by IPSOS for two mainstream media organizations in Canada are showing that public is not cold on possible post-election coalition on left-centre wing of Canadian political spectrum. This polls giving us valuable informations and facts to conclude that Michael Ignatieff’s political approach in this campaign is not so bad as it was expected in a first days of campaigning, and more over gives us a new view on their relation with current regime and Conservative leader Stephen Harper.


Stephen Harper, Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton (Photo: GlobalTV)

Little bit more than half of Canadians who take a part in this research said that they dint have anything against Liberal-NDP coalition, exactly 54% Canadians think that this coalition would be much better than Harper’s majority. If you by any chance include in possible coalition agreement BQ then percentage cones down to 50% what’s not bad either if we compare that with words of Stephen Harper who repeatedly scares Canadians with coalition. IPSOS CEO, Darrell Bricker, said in an interview that this polarizing issue could benefit Harper’s quest for majority just because he wants Canadians ti be divided over such important issues. I wouldn’t be so sure that this issue could bring Conservatives ti power because even with BQ in possible agreement forces are divided on equal parts of 50% each, so that mean that each block could benefit by some sort of agreement or even hard coalition pact. If in any case Harper’s side got a larger majority than +5% I would like to say that he’s majority on May second is pretty sure and that his campaign stroke the best in effort to scare Canadians with coalition.

Coalition is one of the issues which will play strong and important role in final decision on May 2nd but to every Canadian much larger importance will be in proposed policies and new benefits fir their everyday life. Once when their life standards and pockets are in better situation they wouldn’t pay too much attention on the fact who’s in power and who leads a government. Parliament and government will be forgotten until someone trigs or calls next elections and brings campaign on the streets, in homes and everyday life of hard working Canadians.

Interesting thing regarding coalition rumors is that almost no one mentioned a statement given by Governor-General David Johnston who said that any sort if coalition would be acceptable to him and that he doesn’t sees coalition as something wrong or unconstitutional. So basically means that if he face himself with possible coalition agreement or proposal that deal could be discussed in Rideau Hall and later be transferred into power in Parliament halls.

We’ll see what will come out from this story but it is clear this week will push into orbit one of the leaders possibly Michael Ignafieff who was really powerful in the first week. If Harper continue his wrong and irrational attitude towards public I’m not seeing any chances improvement in his chances for majority. Jack Layton is somewhere there in the back trying to catch his chances but I think that he’ll be faced to work with Ignatieff or Harper to secure his agenda in next mandate.


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