Another European failure in Bosnia

Once more in last few years since she become European foreign minister and head of European diplomatic service lady Catherine Ashton proved she a wrong person on wrong place in wrong times. Bosnia and Herzegovina is six months without functional executive and legislative power since three major political and ethnic blocks fail to meat and agreement on coalition government. This failure was caused by short sided politicians who only care about their positions and positions of their closest aides without thinking about people and their needs, as it was in the past in numerous occasions.

Bosnian people voted six months ago wishing better, more truthful and successful government which will bring them better future after a decades of tragedy and wrongdoing from all sides included in Bosnian case. They also expected that Office of the High Representative (OHR) of EU who also a guardian of Bosnian constitution and person able to overrule any decision made by Bosnian authorities would react and force politicians to made an agreement. As divisions are stronger and wider OHR was ordered from Brussels to stay aside and doesn’t do anything in waiting on Lady Ashton to make a decision whom will be next European Special representative in Bosnia.


Now Lady Ashton took a charge, I would like that she didn’t it is always better when she leaves everything in peace, and made a proposal to European Council to freeze visas for Bosnian politicians. This freeze should target all politicians who are working against Bosnian constitutional frame, territorial sovereignty and integrity, and who are not cooperating in process of negotiation for formation of new government.

How unintelligent you should be to made move like this? You’re forbidding someone who anyways doesn’t travel to European Countries so often in effort to force him to make a deal with other politicians. What would you get from that? Nothing, nationalist cold headed radicals will just say go to he’ll you and your European Union rules we are playing by our own rules and we have our own agenda to fulfill so we don’t need your visas. People will still be without pensions and benefits from the federal and lower government levels, economy will continue it’s path to the total death, radicalism, neofascism and religious extremism will have enough space to spread even more and more power to destroy lives of innocent people who dreaming about better future for them and their children.

And to worsen current situation, according to sources close to Lady Ashton, her new envoy to Bosnia could be one if previous OHR heads in Bosnia who failed very badly to deliver any improvement. Some sources are saying that could be British lord Paddy Ashdown, close to Liberal Democrats, who served under several British administrations as envoy for Balkan and OHR head, other candidates are former Head if European Commission Chris Patten and several low ranking and less known European politicians. Now you intend to change a failure to success by returning creators of that failure on the “crime scene”? It seems that Lady Ashton thinks that’s the best option for everyone.

Thanks to her Balkan will continue to be one of the most troubled places in Europe and whole thing is threatening to go in a different direction towards last decade of 20th century. I hope that someone will open their eyes and ears and finally take a charge with ability to help Bosnia and Balkan to finally become peaceful and stable European region. If that doesn’t happen in soon future I’m afraid that America and NATO will have a lot of work in Balkan again as it was few decades ago.

And to conclude I think that EU needs urgent reform and transformation because current path and formation is total failure and doesn’t help to their members neither to this ones who need their help wishing ti become their members in next few years or decades.


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