Here for Canada, I don’t think so

Surrey – Conservative leader Stephen Harper runs his campaign under motto: “Here for Canada”, after last few days and revelations how is run his campaign and what’s happening on Conservative rallies I’m not sure that he’s here for Canada. Students were kicked from Conservative rallies because they’re “Liberals”, this incrimination was based on pictures of some of them with Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, some are kicked out because they had better photo cameras than average Harper supporters. And to make whole situation much worst RCMP who should protect citizens of this country helped Harper cohorts to kick out students almost as they’re criminals or hooligans who come there to make problems or incidents.

Awish Aslam, first from left, on Jack Layton rally (Photo: Maclean’s magazine)

How someone, who’s not open to be in presence of people whom are supporting other parties but also want to know about his agenda, could be here for Canada and Canadians? With this moves Conservatives and Harper are sending a message to Canadians if you’re not a Conservative then you’re not a canadians, you’re citizens of second class and you’re not allowed to be in a same room with us. Is it really so bad be interested in politics and be willing to see and hear every side in this political process even if we do not agree with their views and ideology towards Canadian future? It is not usual to see situations like this one in a democratic society which is also suppose to be leader in protection of human rights, freedom of speech and all universal human rights. Kicking someone out even without having hard proof for your accusations is not democratic manner but it is real dictatorship move which was not seen even in less democratic countries all over the world.

If this is Canada which will we gave if Stephen Harper wins majority than I’m afraid that will have a lot of discussion in Canada, especially in the institution of the state, regarding a state of our democracy.

Maybe I’m wrong and maybe Stephen Harper doesn’t have anything with these situations, but if he doesn’t we should already see quick and strong action against those ones who committed this offensive actions. Also we should here from RCMP top heads what they’re intending to do regarding officers who implemented their powers against innocent Canadians. We should learn from them is that how they see RCMP duties and relations with citizens, and I would like to see some sort of investigation in this case just to give us the answers regarding justification of actions.

On the other side of political spectrum in NDP and LIberal corners we have totally opposite situations. Same student, Awish Aslam, who was kicked from Harper’s event was present on Ignatieff and Layton events just a days before Conservatives visited her town. Without any problems or incidents. And approach presented by Ignatieff and Layton are completely different, and it says: “Well you don’t love us, you don’t support us, but you’re welcome to be with us”. Not long ago we saw situation in which an older said to Ignatieff something like I don’t like you and I wouldn’t vote for you, thus happen in the restaurant, and Ignatieff said in plain and palate way thank you, and Bon appetite.

Harper and Conservatives are in war with journalists, students, public, immigrants almost everyone, maybe they will win majority this time, but the question is do we want that government to lead us. If you’re in bad relations with you’re citizens all good things done by you or your team are useless and they don’t produce wished results. Stephen Harper still has enough time to change his approach I can only hope he’ll do that for good of his party and his legacy as the Conservative leader and Prime Minister of Canada.

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