Jack Layton – Leader of the Official Opposition – Problems for rivals

SURREY – As we learned this week latest polls are showing big surge in support for NDP and Jack Layton not only in Quebec but on national level could be and should be warning to other three major contestants in election race in days prior to May 2. Numbers presented in polls are not the most important element in this story, bigger importance to Jack Layton and his party is let’s say final recognition of their work and acceptance of their ideas among Canadians especially in Quebec.

This is probably coming as a result of tireless work of Mr. Layton in this campaign and well address issues in debates and in contacts with possible voters all over the country.
In plain language latest polls are telling us that hard work gives a results in long term commitment. In eight years since Layton assumed power of NDP Leader on every elections NDP was scoring better results and gained bigger number of seats from 13 in 2003 to 37 in 2010 when 40th Parliament is dissolved few weeks ago. On May 2 this result could be much better, giving him a great chance to bitter life to all other Parliamentary parties, especially Conservatives and Liberals. Conservatives, in case of another minority, will be faced will severe grilling everyday and it will be much harder to silence Jack Layton then it was in case of Michael Ignatieff. As Ignatieff once pointed out Layton is “professional” politician, what could be his advantage in moving NDP in the hot spot of political scene in Canada. Another Conservative minority will be in much harder position to pass any bill through House of Commons if NDP will lead opposition because Jack Layton already prove that he’s capable of making troubles right there where no one expects.

Jack Layton, new leader of the Official Opposition?
Jack Layton, new leader of the Official Opposition?

Stephen Harper’s idea if strong Conservative majority will be hardly endangered if he allows someone as Layton to take his votes and emerge as leader on the other side of benches in HoC. It would mean that not only his option is not acceptable to Canadians in whole but that he pushed Canadians well away from Conservative agenda, which is presented by Harper as only able to save country and people of biggest disaster in last few decades. Following that he’s position could also be put on the table and discussed among fellow Conservatives in a light of inability to reach majority in third attempt. In their case should be question of wrong rhetoric, wrong agenda or badly delivered to the public in last few weeks.

NDP’s win on the side of the opposition would be official end of Michael Ignatieff’s career as Liberal leader and probably as politician. Becoming third in national and second in opposition lineup will cause many changes and shifts in their political agenda but also in a organizational chart, it would cause a departure of an whole generation of politicians and it would force Liberals to answer on present political challenges in different way. Red big tent and blue or red doors as only choice in Canadian politics will change a color to orange, blue or red giving Canadians option to chose someone else rather then same faces over and over.

Clearly NDP with rebranded face and political ideas not changed rather just polished and visually reformatted is coming up as new political force on the sky. That force is gaining biggest support ever in Quebec probably will win a lot of votes in British Columbia especially in Lower Mainland where I’m seeing more and more signs of support for their candidates. It seems that Canada is becoming three equally strong party Parliament instead of usually expected two party arena with minor players Bloq and NDP.

Layton could be good if not great Leader of the Opposition, but will see what will be the result of voting process which is starting today with first early voting places open all over the country. After all May 2 could be remembered as historic day for Canadian politics.

All three if them (Layton, Ignatieff, Harper) are still in chance to change this situation in last week of campaigning and that could reverse current polling data, beside that we can be sure that up to May 2 will have a lot of chances to talk about information’s delivered by pollers and journalists from all corners of the country.

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