Canadians are saying “NO” to Harper and Ignatieff

SURREY – Orange surge as many of my colleagues are describing high popularity of NDP and its leader Jack Layton is one of the biggest surprises which Canadian politics saw in last five years since Stephen Harper earned a right to govern. On that Friday morning when a Parliament on opposition initiative found Canadian government in contempt of Parliament and forced elections, no one was seeing NDP in a 2nd place and much less Jack Layton in possible opposition leader chair. As much this is about Orange surge, much more is about two other major or let’s say mainstream parties which were main candidates for power in a days after May 2nd.

More than ever is clear that Canadians are saying “no” to Conservatives and Liberals on their pledges to give them a support and elect then as majority government next Monday. Punishment is coming after a years of unsuccessful and unproductive struggle for power and political overpowering over each other between Conservatives and Liberals. It is coming also, more on Conservative side, as a reflection of mounting scandals, irregularities and unwillingness to work and talk to people during this campaign.

Same old vinyl

Stephen Harper (Photo: Flickr)

During this campaign Harper was more like old vinyl repeating same song every time when you turn it on. We say “Yes”, they say “No”, we want it but they didn’t give it to us, no one can save you except us, we now everything what everyone else doesn’t know and only we can deliver it – are just few or Harper mantras in this campaign. Not to much difference between him and Ignatieff. Conservative campaign team spent several weeks in war with media trying to push them away of scandals and problems and to save Harper from hard, sometimes extremely hard, questions. Question which could bring then majority if they were answering on them, wrong strategy help to “improve” their picture among undecided voters and maybe turn away some old voters. Second part of campaign was turned towards candidates, especially in BC, which are allegedly endorsed by terrorist and terror supporters, what turned a wheel in opposite direction to lesser evil of two, NDP, but that expression could be wrong.

And to conclude about CPC is worth to say that we didn’t hear too many new policies and agendas in comparison with already presented in budget and other acts produced by government in last few years. Same platform, same agenda, same result.

Harvard is not Canada

Red tent was full during a campaign, but we clearly heard more about jails, jets and taxes for corporations then regarding political agenda which will be implemented under the leadership of Michael Ignatieff. Yes it is important to target and expose all negativities in other camps but you should spent your time talking more about yourself and clearly not acting like a evangelical preacher on non-watchable TV programs after a midnight or on Sunday morning. Then we he finished with jets, jails and taxes next in the line was Jack Layton, other side of the same “negative” coin in Canadian politics.

Harvard professor didn’t come through to touch brains of Canadians and to explain them in reasonable way why his option is the best for them in the top office of canadian politician system. It seems that he didn’t and Liberals didn’t deliver great result in BC and Quebec which are in some areas the most important ridings for this election cycle. If you have quality prepared campaign and if you know how to deliver it you don’t need former PM’s and overused former political frontrunners to save you and boost your campaign, as it happen in a case of NDP which was not able to use Martin, Mulroney, Chretien or any other well known face.

Liberals could easily end up with half of the current number of MP’s due to NDP’s surge and intake of 70+ MP’s on May 2nd, that will immediately cause a new campaign in their rows causing leadership fight and probable departure of Ignatieff and several frontbencher’s from older generation. That will open a door for slightly younger faces as Trudeau or McGuinty to fulfill their aspirations and maybe bring new light to Liberal red tent. Or in the other hand could open a door for a women to come into the power and start shifting Canadian politics towards world wide spread trend of woman leadership in the top offices.

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