Give them a chance

SURREY – In next two to three weeks newly elected MP’s will start their work in House of Commons, in totally new atmosphere. Conservatives will enjoy their work as majority and for the first time in last five years all of their bills will be almost easily passed and accepted on the House floor. Even if they’re surprise of this elections, much interesting is opposition side of the House. Unusually but widely supported NDP Leader Jack Layton will have a full hands of work, Liberals will fight for survival on political scene for the first time since Canada become Federation nearly 150 years ago.

Orange surge or whatever it is called in media all over Canada, and in some reports abroad, was exceptional surprise to bigger experts in Canadian politics than I am. In a days when this campaign started no one believed that Bloque’s and separatist future will be in a hands of NDP and Jack Layton, but somehow he faced himself with that opportunity and used very well in his favor. Rise from 35 MP’s on last election to over hundred of them on this one should intrigue every analyst and scholar to look into it and dissect ways how he did it.

Jack’s speciality on this elections was a group of people whom never ever take a big political fight, some of them are still students on Canadian Universities, still figuring their ideas and ideals of life and future. If I’m thinking about this group of people and why they win in the ridings, usually in Quebec, I would say they won because voters are full of old stories and old ideas presented by mainstream politicians. Other reason could be voters decision to vote for the party and leader not to people who will present them in Ottawa. In the case that first option is right, that could be signed of significant change in thinking regarding Canadian future and political ideas in next few decades, but chances for that are not big enough to be discussed more. Second option is more reliable and probable in this situation, but the problem is that in the fact majority of Canadians didn’t vote for policies and agendas what’s causing further divisions between Canadians from different political sides.

In last few days we all read and listen different experts and pundits mulling rather Jack Layton will have strength and ability to control this group of people or not. I’m pretty sure that Layton’s experience and approach to students and young people will work much better then in the case of “experienced” politicians. This young fellow some of my generation some younger almost a decade then myself are willing to work and prove themselves, to dig deep and hard into Parliamentary documents and bills and offer their opinion on all important matters, according to their abilities. At the end of this term they’ll be politicians with some experience and probably will face themselves with chance to move further towards first row and benches with greater importance.

If you don’t believe me just search on Google for archive footage from nearly past when some of current big politicians entered House of Commons for the first time. For example look at Prime Minister Harper or event Layton himself at their start.

Parliament No. 41 will be indeed interesting for coverage and analysis in next four or so years until Prime Minister Harper calls next elections. My pledge to everyone is let’s give them a chance doesn’t matter if they’re young or old, new or seasoned MP, maybe they’ll surprise us in positive way.

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