New foreign affair minister – Alexander or someone else

SURREY – For the first time in decades and especially in last five years Conservatives are able to form majority government and fulfill all their promises to Canadian people, but not only to them. Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, and his team will need to do more on improvement of Canadian picture on international scene and rediscover lost pride and role played in the past in all important issues for world causes and crises. In last five years Stephen Harper used four of his MP’s as Foreign Ministers and it seems that every single of them was not suitable enough to repair what was in need to repair and fulfill expectations of Canadian and international public.

Bernier in scandals, Cannon missed chances

Lawrence Cannon

Maxime Bernier come into the public spotlight when he left top-secret and confidential documents prepared by Canadian government for his next appearance at NATO ministerial meeting. Months after that we spend discussing his affairs, reading his girlfriend interviews, and listening endless discussions what could happen if it happen and what would be of Bernier or his girlfriend. No one was talking about Bernier portfolio or some good and valuable move of our foreign affair minister and Canadian leading role in matters of the world.

Lawrence Cannon managed to lost Canadian seat at UN Security Council, man totally disappeared from international political scene and we were almost unable to read any good news about Canadian foreign politics or initiatives during his mandate.

Cannon, at least in my opinion, missed a chance to play much stronger role in Canadian representation on Haiti in months after that enormous and devastating earthquake; instead major role was played by former GG Jean. In last months and weeks of his mandate as Foreign Minister Cannon, and the government, missed many opportunities to act or just react on developments in Arab world almost always waiting to hear what will be said by USA or State Secretary Clinton.

In total last five years of Canadian foreign politics were pretty badly executed, unimportant to world and almost unimportant to us, and with nothing to offer either to world or to those in need abroad.

Great candidate, endless possibilities

Chris Alexander

Fairly young, vibrant, well-educated and experienced diplomat, Chris Alexander, once Canadian ambassador to Afghanistan won his MP seat in Ajax-Pickering offering to Stephen Harper enormous chance to appoint the best candidate on Foreign Affair Ministerial position in first majority government. Alexander is man who started his diplomatic career two decades ago learning a lot about it and forging his experience on the road to the top positions. Through the years Alexander learned how to deal with heavy weight diplomats in politicians in one of the most unstable regions in the world and that is his advantage in comparison with other possible candidates.

In moments when Afghanistan and Pakistan would need new strategy in post-Osama times Alexander would be the best candidate to seat on Harper’s team and take the lead as Canadian diplomatic as able to be pair to Hillary Clinton or William Hague of UK. Better understanding of situation on terrain will enable him to understand and comprehend political and inner political aspirations in Arab world which is in need for democratic reforms. That could bring Canada again in leading position and to help us to regain leadership role shoulder to shoulder with USA, UK or Germany or France.

Next week would be probably one of the most important weeks for Harper’s first majority government, and with announcement of new foreign affair minister’s name we will be able to judge what would be Canadian choice. That choice could be total anonymity and life in shadows of USA and other major players, or strong bold and leadership role where others will follow us and learn from us what world needs and how to implement that. Hope that he’ll [Harper] choose wisely and play on the best card for better sake of Canada and whole world.


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