“Blame Surrey” for Vancouver riots and everything else

SURREY – Stanley Cup Game 7 was supposed to be a festivity of sports, excellence, fair play and joy in support to our team, players and all fans not only in Vancouver but all over the province and country. Indeed that was a case in the Rogers Arena, majority of Vancouver Downtown streets and on numerous locations all over Lower Mainland with support from local municipalities and hardworking staff and volunteers. And then centre stage was token by anarchists, looters, thieves, call them as you want directing everything in wrong direction, but we already express ourselves regarding riots and what they did to Vancouver, to me very interesting element of this story was motion of some to blame everything on Surrey.

Central City Plaza Celebration Site, June 6, 2011

Dozens of tweeters come out on Wednesday late night dispersing their thoughts regarding riots directing responsibility towards Surrey. Somehow these smart heads connected dots between rioters and Surrey as place of their origin and belonging. Variety of their claims and conspiracy theories is so wide that is almost impossible to answer on all of them, and why I would do that because there is no point to discuss with people like that. My intention is to present other view on Surrey and Canucks celebration site in last month or so since The City of Surrey welcomed community on the Central City Plaza coordinating that with large crowd of sponsors and activities for all generations.

I can agree with these commentators that we need to “blame Surrey” especially Mayor Dianne Watts and her team, all those who invested hours and hours of their time to organize everything. Blame should be put on them because they dare to put intellect, ideas and resources in action in effort to secure and ensure place where everyone can celebrate and cheer for FREE, enjoy spending spring afternoons and evenings with friends and family. They’re guilty for giving a chance to youngsters and even babies to enjoy incredible moments on the plaza, building their relationship with community, sports and after all their families. Some of other wrongdoings are making a space for celebration, unofficial one, on Scott Road and 72nd avenue intersection without even smallest incident. I think that RCMP should send them bill for all deployed officers who didn’t had anything to do on all game days except interacting with public and making sure that their presence will be visible. Even RCMP is guilty for being available to the community and making positive impact on Surrey citizens, and being ready to educate them regarding their function and duties in area of providing security in everyday life to Surrey families.

This group of people (Mayor Watts, Councillors and City staffers) is guilty for helping local business stationed in Central City Mall and around in Surrey Downtown area to earn some extra profit and be at service to at least 3 to 5 thousand people during and after every Canucks game in Stanley Cup Finals. Seriously who come with idea which can help citizens employed at Central City Mall or small local business to keep their jobs and feed their families, I mean we need to be angry at the City of Surrey and we need to condemn their actions during last month or so.

Central City Plaza Celebration Site, June 6, 2011

Bringing so large crowd on one location, building their pride with Canada, Canadian sports and athletes, allowing them to sing O’Canada with pride and fulfilling emotions without diving themselves on Bosnians, East Indians, native Canadians, Chinese or Vietnamese ethnic base is also wrong and should be stopped for ever because that’s dining “Blame Surrey” tweeters and their followers to continue mocking this great community and city. This kind of celebration is dining them a chance to make ridiculous comments regarding everything positive what happened in Surrey in last few years. So when they are not able to destroy that in practice they’re trying to destroy Surrey’s effort through negative propaganda in social-media intending to move responsibility from thug on Vancouver streets on someone else. They don’t understand what their tweets are doing to communities and people all over the province, they’re encouraging rioters to continue where they stop on Wednesday night or Thursday morning, to continue committing damage to public property, endanger lives of average sports, culture or just nice and peaceful life fans not only in Vancouver and Surrey.

“Blame Surrey” tweeters should be ashamed and condemned for what they did and what they’re doing with propaganda like this.

My pledge to citizens of Surrey, Vancouver, Lower Mainland and British Columbia is: Please let’s get together, let’s help to each other in cleaning the mess and rebuilding all damaged stores and properties, please work with your friends and families on building our communities and relations. Please let’s show to the world that we’re not “Blame Surrey” or “Riot, riot” population, that we’re not destroyers and looters, let’s make something positive from this events.

I would like to hear your opinion regarding Vancouver riots and “Blame Surrey” tweets. Please be free to leave your comments and thoughts.


Majority of my article is written in a form of sarcasm which is intended to present other positive side of the medal regarding Surrey’s celebration of Canucks road to the Lord Stanley Cup. I’m acquaintance and Twitter friend of Mayor Dianne Watts, Councilor Linda Hepner and other Councilors, also I’m friend with Councilor Barinder Rasode and they didn’t ask me to write this article or defend The City of Surrey from attacks on Twitter. This article is my personal response to “Blame Surrey” twitter and should be read, comment and distributed in that manner.              


9 thoughts on ““Blame Surrey” for Vancouver riots and everything else

  1. Great post, Esmir! I’ve felt very lonely standing up for Surrey over the past years… it’s nice to finally find people who will stand with me, against the ignorant opinions of others.

    • Thank you for kind words. What I felt on Wednesday night was pure anger because Surrey did great job in providing safe and secure place for celebrations for our community and some people tried to ruin that with pretty unintelligent comments. As municipal elections are arriving I’ll try to write more about Surrey, hope we can do something together.

  2. jim westland says:

    do you have no idea what surrey is like ? we have a serious serious problem going on here and we need to nip it in the bud, we have rampant human trafficking , drug dealing and violence . You ignore it and we see them, hear them and have to meet them all the fucking time . Don’t be so stupid, our town and area is unbelieveably corrupt and full of evil individuals, you are nice, im nice, my friends are nice. But there is a massive problem here.

    • Dear Mr. Westland,

      That’s your opinion and you’re free to express it. I didn’t said that Surrey is without problems and that we don’t need to fix many things. I was expressing my opnion regarding particular situation which happend on June 15th, 2011. There will be time and space to talk about negativities in Surrey and other municipalities in next few months as we aproach municipal elections in November. My sincere advice to you would be just to correct your language when you’re addressing someone, because that talks more about you than about a person to whom you’re addressing.

      Thank you for your input, I hope you’ll continue to do so in the future.

      Best wishes,

  3. Jennifer Mann says:

    It is such a shame the community of Surrey has such a bad reputation. I think it is perpetuated by ignorant people who like to poor bash. Surrey was once known to house mostly the working classes and therefore became an easy target for outlying communities who like to ridicule people who are poor or struggling. I once was at Metrotown buying shoes and was told by the sales clerk I better watch my purse because people from Surrey come on the skytrain. So I guess Surrey is responsible for all the criminals in the lower mainland and apparently the riots too. Surrey is a city with an ethnic blend of people that creates an environment of diversity and I am proud to call it my home. Surrey is 15 minutes from the border, ferries, beaches and 30 minutes from Vancouver minus the traffic with lower rental and housing costs then the neighbouring communities. I am tired of being a target of unfounded negative media slant.

  4. James says:

    so now that the riot charges have come out and every BC news source is reporting roughly 80% of those charged are coming from Surrey or Burnaby, can you accept that it was in fact Surrey’s fault? That’d be great, thanks!

    • Hi James,

      so far looks like that based on current numbers and names of accused for damages in Downtown. But I think it is still too early to draw final line on this story and say final verdict who’s guilty. Current number of charged, prosecuted and sentenced rioters is far far less than a real number of those who take a part in vandalisms on the day of Game 7, so I’m still interested to see remaining rioters in front of justice and then I’ll draw final line and make final judgment who’s the guiltiest in whole story. Don’t worry I will always respectfully accept my guilt and will bare consequences of my words 🙂


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