Surrey Fusion Festival Day 2 (Photos)

SURREY – Soggy weather, muddy terrain and high spirits for celebration, respect for our diversity and mutual understanding were remarkable elements of Surrey’s Fusion Festival Day 2. Where artists, chefs and community groups ended on Saturday evening they continued on Sunday morning, raising a bar of excellence and good fun for thousands of BC citizens who were visiting Holland Park in Surrey.

Fusion Festival, this year as it was in previous years, was a place of unique gathering of people, which could be described with simple words as “Flavours of Surrey” or “Flavours of Canada”. It was almost impossible not to see how different in appearance we are but how close we are in communication and exchange of experiences in two days of Festival. It’s hardly imaginable, in most cases, to have in one place countries like China and Tibet or Pakistan and India cooperating in presentation of their heritage, food and national clothing’s and helping each other in weather situation like it was this weekend in Surrey.

Fusion Festival this year made several steps further in providing top rank entertainment for everyone, first was newly crowned Top Chef Canada, Vancouver own chef and owner of Ensemble restaurant, Dale MacKay. Chef MacKay spend almost an hour talking to his fans and giving them chance to get pictures with him, following that with amazingly quick and simple presentation of his cooking skills. Second step ahead was Jay Sean’s concert as final act of the Festival. Sean’s ability to engage people in his music and to sing with him all the time was magnificent and superb; once more he proved to everyone that he deserved his place in world of music.

Well everything what I described above seems that Fusion Festival was without problems and incidents. There was that stabbing which was reported by mainstream media last night, but that didn’t left any impact on activities thanks to fast and appropriate actions taken by security stuff and wide present RCMP members on the Festival grounds. There is no public event without small or big incidents but smart security planning should and could prevent large number of them or at least their escalation into something much dangerous.

Now the City of Surrey has a whole year to prepare jubilatory fifth Festival, which should celebrate half a decade of its history in the best way and with much brighter stars at the stages in Holland Park.

Here are some photos from the Festival Day Two:


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