Justifying death of innocent women with wrong theories

SURREY – On Thursday morning Ravinder Kaur Bhangu, 24, was brutally stabbed and killed by a hand of her husband at her work place in Surrey. Tragic events like this one are usually moments of remembrance and our reflections on deceased followed by deep thinking period in which we’re trying to understand why that happen, could we prevent it or what we need to do to avoid events like that? That is common sense for every humane being, at least to those who are benefiting results of their brains and intellect. In reality we have people who’re not thinking and using their intellectual abilities in the best way causing to everyone not only additional pain but also disgracing beloved ones whom are in our minds in moments like Thursday’s one.

Friday morning an Surrey radio host discussing Bhagu case on air expressed unusual opinion that Bhnagu deserved what happened explaining that with probability that she caused marriage problems which lead to unfortunate event in local newspaper room. Same “journalist”/talk-show host also “supported” his theory with ridiculous opinion that women in Canada are entitled to “too many rights”.

So let’s take a look at this two particular claims. First claim is based on possibility that Bhangu was infidel to her husband who was suspicious in her workplace and other activities. Doesn’t matter how big or how strong our suspicions are, and as how much confidence we have in our spousal partners that doesn’t give us a right to injure or kill. Rules and laws are there to be used in situations like this one and it should be executed in effort to clear the skies and open opportunities for new start or end of relationship. Supporting violence against both sexes by their partners and justifying same is just another addition to rising violence in marriage and against innocent victims. In times when we’re trying to protect every single life, even a life of unborn baby, no one doesn’t have a right to claim reasonability in actions like this. In the case that Bhagu was infidel her husband was suppose to go to the judge and ask for divorce not to march armed and attack her life and lives of her colleagues without any reason. If we support his actions we’re just helping other abusers to come out and freely attack their victims hoping that they’ll be protected and praised in public.


Supporting people like this we’re supporting and praising lunatics like Anders Behring Breivik who also decide to take justice in his hands and judge who’s guilty, and who’s not. Wives, children, parents, and other members of public would be under attack just because someone somewhere has some suspicions regarding their workplace or wishes in life.

All kinds of abuse, violence and irrational activities should be ended as soon as possible and we are as community responsible to tackle this issues down and resolve it as soon as possible. So if you want you can support one of already established institutions in your community, or in Surrey you can support newly started Rakhi project which intention is fight against violence.

Second claim which was deployed by this radio host is that women in Canada are entitled with too many rights. Well this is Canada, this is not some third-world country with level of human rights so low that gives more rights to the animals then to humans, especially female members of community. And yes they’re entitled with MANY rights from freedom of expression and speech to freedom to choose with whom they’ll spent life and which level of education they’ll achieve during their life in Canada. Females are entitled to be leaders and heroes in our society, they’re given a chance to manage highest positions in every area of life, and because of that now one doesn’t have a right to be against their rights and to kill them just because he doesn’t like thar way of life. If this gentlemen, if I can put him in that social Category, really thinks that Canadian women’s are entitled with too many rights has a two options to change that situation. First situation is to establish himself in political life and force constitutional changes through parliamentary procedure, or in second to go to the country which is treating women’s as garbage and second category members of society and enjoy pre-society tribal living and thinking conditions.

Violence against female, children, elder or just persons whom are parts of our everyday life must stop immediately and we should support all positive available options. If we don’t do anything soon I’m afraid that Ravinder Bhangu wouldn’t be a last injured and killed innocent women I Surrey and Canada. Please let’s work together and save lives.


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