Mahmoud Abbas in first visit to Sarajevo

SURREY/SARAJEVO- – Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen, today starts his first ever official visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina. In next two days Abbas will meet with members of Bosnian Presidency, Foreign Affair minister and other state officials.

This visit is coming in weeks in which Palestinian authority officials will travel in numerous countries and on all continents in effort to secure votes for upcoming UN vote on their statehood. This intention is not openly mentioned as main theme of talks in Sarajevo, but well informed sources are pretty sure that Abbas will try to convince Bosnian leaders to support Palestinian cause later this year. Chances for Bosnian vote in favor on UN General Assembly are only statistical and almost impossible in real life.


Main problem for Bosnian political world is that for every decision top requirement is to have all three votes in Presidency in favor before that decision could be passed to Ambassador at UN. At this moment Bosniak and Croat representative would and will vote in favor but Serb representative will oppose due to tight relations of Republic of Srpska entity with Israel.

Other potential points of discussion on meetings in Sarajevo are economy, cooperation on educational, medical and humanitarian fields. These will be discussed in light of previous successful cooperation in time of Yugoslavia and after Bosnian reached it’s independence.

It is strange that Abbas is starting his fight for this cause in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but maybe if he reaches enough small countries Palestinian chances for 2/3 of votes on General Assembly would be slightly higher. Still Palestinians will need at least few “veto” states in their club of supporters to become UN’s 194th member state.

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