Bosnia and Herzegovina will follow EU stand on Palestinian case

SURREY/SARAJEVO – Bosnia and Herzegovina will follow stands of European Union and other major political players in late in September on United Nations General Assembly regarding Palestinian request for membership and seat in General Assembly. This is only and probably the best result of meetings held between Bosnian leadership and Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas who’s in three day official visit to Sarajevo. As it was expected Bosnian Presidency expressed different views on this issue stating extremely polarized opinions regarding Palestinian-Israeli dispute and future of two states in Middle East, seat at UN and future relations between Bosnia,Palestine and Israel.

Bosniak representative in Bosnian Presidency and son of former Presidency chair, Bakir Izetbegovic, in released statement following meeting with Abbas said that Bosnia and Herzegovina should take principal stand upon this question and to support Palestinian request for United Nations membership. He’s opinion is that Bosnia as member of United Nations and Security Council should follow other countries, supporters of Palestine, and vote in favor of request which will be presented to Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon in September. In his statement Mr. Izetbegovic said that has “sincere sympathy to the Palestinian people because of historical injustices that have been done,” adding a call for “the termination of Israeli occupation” and the recognition of an independent Palestinian state within the borders that existed before the Israeli occupation of the 1967th year.

Bosnian Presidency with Palestinian leader Abbas (Photo:

His Croatian counterpart in Presidency, Zeljko Komsic, on the other side calls for decision based on a basis which will follow major international political flow on this issue. Principal and justified decision should be made upon consultations with other UN members and political significant players before Bosnian institutions made final decision and cast their ballot in September thinks Mr. Komsic. Third member of collective presidential body, Serb representative, Nebojsa Radmanovic as it was expected sided himself and represented opinion of Republic of Srpska that they would not support Palestinian bid for UN seat from several political and economical reasons. In the case of support from Republic of Srpska highly important elements are political relations with Israel, Israeli FM recently visited President of Republic of Srpska for private vacation, second most important fact is economical cooperation between smaller Bosnian entity and Israel. Economical cooperation between these two subjects is worth several dozens of millions of dollars, and that leaves them in pat position when it comes in question decision in Palestinian case.

Mahmoud Abbas, expressing disappointment at the failure of peace talks, said that the Palestinian Authority in September to request membership in the UN, stressing that, on this occasion, during talks with all UN members, including the BH, which is the reason for his visit. He added that so far many countries have expressed understanding for the request of the Palestinian Authority to join the UN. Abbas briefed the members of the Presidency on the situation in the Palestinian Authority, but also in the region, with special emphasis on developments in the Middle East, stressing that efforts are underway to try to get peace talks in crisis, he also stressed that the priority is in addressing the peace negotiation, and not to use force. They thanked Abbas for information on the situation in the Palestinian Authority and the region and raised the alert in the peace negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.




  1. Just a small mistake, but very important to give attention to, in your text. Through reading I saw how you mentioned “Republic of Srpska” a few times in your text. It makes it sound as if it were legally a republic, which is named “Srpska”. Which is not the case for the Entity named “Republika Srpska”.

    Here is a text from wikipedia on that issue:
    “Although the name Republika Srpska is sometimes glossed as Serb Republic[3] or Bosnian Serb Republic,[4] and the government of Republika Srpska uses the semi-Anglicized term Republic of Srpska in English translations of official documents, western news sources such as the BBC,[5] The New York Times,[6] and The Guardian[7] generally refer to the entity as the Republika Srpska.”

    Thanks a lot for reading and considering this text.

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