Christy Clark is still on vacation, promises and policies on hold

SURREY – When late last year Gordon Campbell, now High Commissioner to UK, decide to resign from BC Premiership and to open hunt season on BC Liberal leadership we all expected to see new era in political arena and much needed change in functioning of provincial government, but it seems that was not a case in British Columbia. Early this year his successor Christy Clark won both positions promising to bring totally new politics in this turbulent political waters, she also promised to direct her full attention to families and jobs, preservation of much heated HST, but up to this moment we didn’t saw anything of promised actions. Legislature is “closed” since June, HST is history, public is discussing Campbell’s Order of BC, families and workers are still waiting to learn what are Clark’s ideas and policies constructed to help them move ahead. 

Christy Clark and leadership rivals (Photo: E. Milavic)

Almost every day commentators and columnists are spending decent amount of their daily workload discussing Clark’s work in past few months asking numerous questions which are up to this moment without clear and definitive response from her or from her team. Same group of people are sending out signals to Clark to step up and start working or her political future will be in big danger, probably ending her premiership career on next provincial elections which will be held in May 2013. I would say that Saturday’s column by The Vancouver Sun columnist, Pete McMartin, who “used” Dianne Watts as perfect example of successful politician and someone who’s name will be tightly connected to any future leadership race was first among many serious articles which pointed out that Clark is missing really important part of her work, and that is work. While The Globe and Mail columnists like Mason or Mickleburgh or Sun’s Palmer are writing their pieces on green energy or probable failure of her family first agenda from governmental PR channels we’re receiving news regarding premiers “great speeches” and visits to BC communities. If I didn’t know when are the next provincial elections, as I already said in May 2013, I would certainly think that Clark is on election campaign trail trying to convince voters to support her and BC Liberals.
Not long ago we acknowledge a fact that our province will need to redistribute $2.5 billion either to federal government or to reinstate PST/GST tax combination once more premier Clark is missing from media spot, and she’s most certainly missing from her work place and that’s BC Legislature where she should offer clear explanation how this taxation mess would be resolved. Many would say well there is Finance Minister Falcon and he’ll take a care for that, but what we need at this moment is strong and confident provincial leader who’ll reintroduce current government to the public and earn much needed support beside a fact that some 42% of BC citizens is supporting her current work. Education Minister Abbott is left alone on windy battlefield of negotiations with BCTF regarding new contracts and incentives for teacher population, causing a whole stream of new problems to parents and kids especially because they don’t know if this school year will continue as it started if negotiations fail. Also Premier Clark won her leadership with promise to restore funds to all community and civil groups helping them to continue providing much needed service to our communities, but not after HST’s debacle and loss of HST revenue which was used for these actions, Premier must to come out and explain to these group from where she’ll provide new funds? Well maybe we’ll get those and many other answers sometimes next month when Legislature starts new session and Premier will be in full power to govern her team and to be faced with opposition questioning.
My only hope is that we’ll be able to see more of her concrete work and results as soon as possible on behalf of BC citizens, spending much more time working in Legislature sending out new legislations and fulfilling her promises to those who elected her to lead their party and give her support to represent them as MLA. Long, hot summer should end and Clark should show us that she suddenly is premier-material politician not beautiful face photo-op hunter trying to be in good shape for cameras. I’m not fully convinced that these will happen, I’m more convinced in option that journalists like Steven Smart or commentators like Mason, Mickleburgh or McMartin will have more ammunition to target her inefficient governmental team. I would be happy if Christy Clark prove me and other that we’re wrong and that she could be great premier with great amount of positive changes to our province and communities.

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