BC Liberals in Anti-Cummins campaign

SURREY – BC political scene is getting hotter and hotter as we’re approaching start of new Legislature session and Premiers press conference on jobs plan which is scheduled for next week, in light of these events leading party is starting new campaign to fight against political rivals in effort to warn BC citizens on bad politics and policies which are coming from BC NDP and newly formed BC Conservative Party. On Thursday morning BC Liberals kicked off campaign targeting BBC leader John Cummins and his previous and current political decision and moves, according to statement issued by BC Liberals leader of this campaign will be Langley MLA Mary Polak.

This is not a first time that BC Liberals or general public is highly interested in John Cummins and his brand new political career in British Columbia. Recently, not long after he was elected to lead BCC, Cummins was targeted by public over his comments against Lesbian and Gay population in Canada. Political world targeted Cummins, as it will be seen in BC Liberals campaign, over his support to NDP while he was CPC candidate on last federal elections and his ideas on BC economy.

“Revealing real John Cummins” campaign permanent goal will be to present his real face to BC public and to expose his failures as conservative and as party leader who represented as a candidate one party and one ideology voted for one of their biggest political rivals NDP which was then lead by late Jack Layton. With all examples presented not only by BC Liberals targeting “real” sides of John Cummins looks like really easy quest. He didn’t need a lot of time after his election to leadership position of BCC to start bad relationship with public and especially with Gay and Lesbian community which was highly disturbed by his comments causing enormous amount of negativism against Cummins.

John Cummins
John Cummins, BCC leader

“It is important that British Columbians know who John Cummins is and the motives behind his actions. John Cummins is pretending to be one thing while actually being something else entirely.”In these economic times we need a government that will move BC forward and protect and create jobs. We don’t need to be going backwards. There’s a clear choice; they can vote for the BC Liberals, the only free-enterprise party in British Columbia or they can go back to the disastrous NDP government of the 1990’s by supporting John Cummins”, said Mary Polak in statement released by BC Liberals on first day of this campaign.

Beside his failure to support his own party and vote for NDP on last election, and his opposition to several very important economical project for British Columbia and its citizens, BC Liberals will target Cummins and his BCC as party who doesn’t have any support from federal Conservative Party. On newly started web site which is representing campaign against Cummins, BC Liberals enlisted several high level CPC members including former MP’s and ministers Chuck Strahl, Stockwell Day and Jay Hill as supporters of Premier Christy Clark and her devotion to free-enterprise policies.

It will be interesting to hear what Cummins have to say on this campaign and how he’ll defend his stands, and facts presented by BC Liberals. Also interesting development in this area of political life of British Columbia in next few months will be possible start of similar campaign against biggest enemy on the scene, BC NDP and its leader Adrian Dix, who’s currently busy with cross province tour promising millions of dollars to every group of people which he mets without informations from where that money will be taken or from where will be collected. On the other side it wouldn’t surprise if BCC and BCNDP start similar campaigns against Clark and her team targeting some of their previous mistakes or current actions, what will put more heat on BC political scene in next several months, especially in days following Clark’s first Throne Speech which is expected next month.

If Premier Clark succeeds with her jobs strategy, adding there quality policies on Families First agenda, maybe she can turn wheel of luck on her side and regain public support in BC Liberals. Fight for 2013 is starting, BC will be one of the most interesting and amazing places in Canadian political universe, it will be interesting to see whom will claim victory after all campaigns and media stunts.

In a case that you want learn more about BC Liberal campaign against Cummins and BCC you can visit campaign site at http://www.canttrustsummins.ca.

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