First shuffle brings promising changes

SURREY – Next week Christy Clark will present her first ever Throne Speech as BC Premier and Liberals leader, and on government benches will sit significantly changed, improved and quite promising Cabinet team following changes which she made on Monday. Following announcement of her jobs plan, which received split but not so negative reactions, Clark continues to make right decisions in effort to fix previous mistakes and to start changing governmental picture in British Columbia. These changes are containing positive elements but work doesn’t stops there, and damage done by her only supporter and now former minister of social development will be burden hard to clear in just few months or weeks.

During last few months Harry Bloy as minister of social development was main target to media reports and investigations, journalists oftenly [many of them Clark’s former colleagues on CKNW] openly joked with Bloy and his speaker phone interviews with “additional explanations” from his aides, CTV and other TV stations aired almost weekly one or more reports on terrible mistakes done by Bloy against those in needed especially families which were targeted as top priority in Clarks leadership campaign. In so many occasion we saw helpless parents or patients calling media for help against indolent Bloy’s ministry and his aides making their lives much harder than that was before under Campbell’s government cutting or removing essential necessities forcing him to review his decisions later reinstating rights or services. Premier’s Monday explanation regarding Bloy’s shuffle as just moving to more appropriate position, denying demotion, are just media spin and nicely wrapped words for public audience. To be honest it was a time for something like this to happen, she should do that much earlier, for the sake of her team and parties image in public.

In a days prior to her Cabinet announcement earlier this year I was calling on her to include Bloy in her team as a recognition to his support, as that would do any Premier in the world, but not on one of the most important positions in her team. Finally she figure out that, and let’s hope that is not too late for her to change course in her favor.

Expressing opinion on herself and relations with loyalists in the government Clark tried to paint a picture of bold and strong Premier who will and is ready to take steps like recent. Good thing is that she openly confesses her newbie status on Premier position.

“If you were hoping I was going to be a premier who made a decision, set it in stone and never revisited it and decided that change was never necessary, I’m not that premier. We’re at about the six month mark into our administration now, I’m a new premier and I thought it was time to make a change”, said Clark on Monday.

Stephanie Cadieux, new Minister of Social Development

Stephanie Cadieux, new Minister of Social Development (Photo: E. Milavic)

Replacing Bloy with Stephanie Cadieux as minister of social development is probably one of her best moves since she become Premier. Cadieux former minister Minister of Labour, Citizens’ Services and Open Government, Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, and Former Director of Marketing & Development for the BC Paraplegic Association is the best choice for this Cabinet position. Passionate and devoted on every position delegated to her Cadieux succeed to produce real and visible results improving situation in her portfolios and forging new relations with public steering situation in proper and right direction. I’m pretty sure that Ministry for Social Development will receive much better media and public marks over next period of time changing position of those in need from begging to receiving help and having all necessities when they need not when journalists pressure minister to do his/hers job. She’ll need more action and more managerial skills in effort to reignite ministry’s passion, developed new communication channels, and most significantly to ensure that Clark and Kevin Falcon as Finance Minister will be open to discuss Ministry funds as part of new budget. Only question is do they have more money to give after great loss in HST battle, but still possibilities are there and should be discussed.

Well let’s see what future brings, and let’s hope that Clark sooner than after will become mature premier with less needs for Cabinet shuffles and more positive stories emerging from Cabinet rooms and Ministries.


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