The Fourth Surrey Regional Economic Summit welcomes Presidents Clinton and Bush

SURREY – In exactly two weeks Surrey, BC’s second largest municipal centre and one of the rare communities which didn’t stop their development in recession times, will be centre of financial and economical world. Several hundred businessmen, community leaders, politicians and journalists will together for one day event in effort to discuss current situation, probably to predict future events or just to sent message to world of politics how to fight with current problems. Feature conversation on Fourth Surrey Regional Economic Summit will be hour and fifteen minutes long conversation with two former US presidents Bill Clinton and G.W. Bush.

G. W. Bush and Bill Clinton

The Fourth annual Surrey Regional Economic Summit is chaired and co-chaired by world fourth the best mayor, Surrey Mayor, Dianne Watts, Business Council of BC President and CEO, Greg D’Avignon and Surrey City Councillor and chair of City Finance Committee, Linda Hepner.

In her message to public and attendees of the SERS, Surrey Mayor, Dianne Watts pointed out importance of different opinions and perspectives presented on previous summits for communities like Surrey as small specs on the world events scene.

“Over the past three years, we’ve welcomed major keynote speakers and presenters from around the world, including Tony Blair, Rudy Giuliani, Steve Forbes, Kishore Mahbubani, the former President of the UN Security Council, and prominent economic writers and anchors such as Pam Woodall of The Economist and Rico Hizon of BBC World News in Singapore”, tells Mayor Watts in her message.

Dianne Watts, Mayor of Surrey (Photo: E. Milavic)

Her colleague and the person how’s one of the most important for SERS success, Cllr. Linda Hepner, in her message points out continuation of Summits well-earned reputation will happen on October 20th at Sheraton Hotel.

“By any measure, the Summit continues to attract a strong contingent of keynote speakers, as well as and audience of business and community leaders who appreciate the practical experience and candid commentary of our local and international presenters”, tells Cllr. Hepner.

Councillor Linda Hepner, Summit Co-Chair
Beside conversation with Presidents Clinton and Bush attendees will be in great opportunity to learn more on The Changing World Economic Order especially directed towards some of the most important economies in the world today. As Asia plays great importance for BC it is certain that our business community will welcome words of wisdom from Pam Woodall, senior editor to The Economist magazine one of the most important and most respected world business publications. Woodall will be accompanied by Stephen Moore senior Economics Writer to The Wall Street Journal who’ll probably be in the best position to talk about current American economy and the New Global Economy.

Second but not less important segment of this significant event will be session intended to present new discoveries and practices in so-called Smaller World and competition in it. According to organizers this session will feature several international experts whom will try to introduce Smaller World to BC business community, in a same time these experts will teach our business community how ti improve communication between BC and the world.

Having Presidents Clinton and Bush at one event is truly historically significant moment for every community especially for city which is in strongest phase of it’s development and positioning on the map of importance in BC and Canadian political, economical and financial segments. Chances to have two former US presidents in one room outside US is probably once in a life time situation, and organizers of this event should be praised for their success to secure their arrival on this short but important event. If we compare these two leaders will be able to see two different approaches to political and economical world and situation. When Bill Clinton leave Oval office to G.W. Bush US budget was in apparent surplus, and economy was in approximately good situation. On the other side when G.W. Bush pass Oval office and US leadership to current president Barack Obama, budget situation was anywhere near surplus, deficit was deep and it is now in trillion of dollars. Wall Street crushed just a few months after he left White House and world sunk in biggest depression since 1930’s. Also in political segment which will found a piece of time on Surrey’s Summit Clinton and Bush will be able to give insight in their peace efforts in Balkans, Middle East, relations with Russia and China, Bush for sure on his wars against terrorism, Al-Qaeda and other villains including Saddam Hussein. Also it would be interesting to hear from them opinion on current events like Arab Spring, European Union situation, relations with China and importance of Latin American and South-East Asia in economic world and how that can help Canada and BC in the future.

On a first look whole situation regarding Surrey Regional Economic Summit looks almost perfect, but in reality that’s not a case. During the event and presidential visit to British Columbia street around Surrey Sheraton Hotel will look more like war zone rather then business and economy area designated to serious discussion and education on matters of our and worlds future. Reason for war look-a-like situation is not in Secret Service requirements to protect Clinton and Bush, but from simple reason that Surrey streets will be stage for hundreds of protesters against both former US leaders especially president Bush. Both are accused as a war criminals, Clinton for crimes committed by US soldiers on Kosovo in 1990’s, and Bush for much recent events in Iraq and Afghanistan. Number of protesters will depend on Surrey RCMP assessment and abilities to contain them in a one place assuring full security and comfort of attendees.

Having said everything above we can be sure Surrey will be centre of media and business attention, not only in region and North America, but all over the world thank to former Presidents and their words expressed at The Fourth Summit. Post-Summit era will probably attract new group of well-known leaders and personalities which will be willing to come and discuss greater world needs from BC and Canadian perspective, placing Surrey on the map of important events and maybe over the years to find place somewhere near everywhere known World Economic Summit at Swiss Davos.

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