From Yahoo Canada: Clinton shows breadth of knowledge, Bush gets laughs at Surrey, B.C. event

(Yahoo Canada quotes my previous post on presidential visit to Surrey, BC)

U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were the special guests in Surrey, British Columbia, Thursday, for the Surrey Regional Economic Summit.

Media weren’t permitted into the event  but that didn’t stop some intrepid bloggers and writers from tweeting highlights from the event.

Among other things, the two former presidents discussed the economy, education, international affairs, and their time in office.

With regards to Canada, blogger Esmir Milavik says Clinton expressed his amazement with Canada’s success to protect its financial institutions during the recession.

Bush said he never worried about the Canadian border – only the Mexican border.

On the topic of George Bush senior, BCBusiness editor John Bucher quoted  the junior Bush saying “Clinton has a solid friendship with my dad, whom he beat in ’92. It’s amazing to watch.”

Clinton responded by saying: “Bush’s father is an unbelievable human being.”

Bucher noted that, throughout the afternoon,  Bush endeared himself to the crowd of about 500 with his self-deprecating humour.

“Bush on his book: ‘People in Vancouver probably didn’t think I could read much less write.'”

He got another laugh when he said one of the benefits of the presidency is the good White House food.

Ultimately, Bucher seemed more impressed by Clinton than Bush.

“Overall impressions from your faithful correspondent,” he said as part of a series of concluding tweets.

“Clinton thoughtfully addressed the questions put to him, showed breadth of knowledge of global issues.

“Bush seemed ornery much of the time, recited the old hit tunes about free market and competition.”

In his blog, Milavic echoed Bucher’s sentiments and summed up the two presidents’ performances as follows:

“Clinton received five applause and two or three laughs, and his successor at the White House received…more laughs than applause.  Clinton’s thoughts were powerful, direct and more impacting on listeners, while Bush’s were more interesting to listen without any need to go back to them or reflect on their substance.”

Original post here.

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