Creators of Putin regime deflecting to the opposition

In a days when Russian president-elect is getting ready for official start of his third term (six years) creators of his ‘sovereign democracy’ system are deflecting to the opposition. Gleb Pavlovsky and Marat Gellman were members of “Putin Project” which started in 1999 and 2000 in effort to create new governing system which is called “managed democracy”. According to Pavlovsky and others this system was designed to avoid political upheaval and restrict the choices Russian voters could make.

In recently released Putin’s biography Russian author and journalist Masha Gessen gave probably the best description of this system based on Putin’s love for Soviet Union and KGB. Gessen’s description works perfectly with recent interviews by Pavlovsky and Gellman, showing exactly what was Putin’s idea how to run the country.

“Putin loved the Soviet Union, and he loved its KGB, and when he had power of his own, effectively running the financial system of the country’s second-largest city, he wanted to build a system just like them. It would be a closed system, a system built on total control-especially control over the flow of information and the flow of money.”

Pavlovsky who in last campaign advised tycoon and one of the opposition leaders Mikhail Prokhorov said in an interview that this system (sovereign democracy) was suppose to be temporary but as time passed human passion came into play adding that Putin was resonance man in the beginning. He’s also thinks that at the start Putin was smart enough to avoid mistakes which he’s making now. Interesting fact is that in Yeltsin era there was a small group of highly influential people called “family which was suppose to advise former president and almost run a country in his last days in Kremlin is formed again but now around Putin.

Russian President-elect Vladimir Putin (Photo by Remy Steinegger - World Economic Forum)

Small circle of influencers in Yeltsin time were combined between political apparatchiks and his family members, including man responsible for Putin elevation at the highest office, tycoon Boris Berezovsky who’s today in exile in England. Putin’s team today is fully membered by Russian tycoon afraid to lose any of their wealth and also afraid to lose a power which comes through Putin and state structures. Nonetheless according to Pavlovsky’s statements this group of people has a strong connection and background in security apparatus, with majority of them being Putin’s former colleagues in KGB. This shows once more that Gessen was right in description of Putin regime as copycat of Soviet Union and KGB if we can say that in different module.

While his top advisers are crossing over to opposition stands hoping for better future Putin will start his first six years term as a president with high hopes to return for six more in 2018. Although majority of people in Russia, especially opposition and human rights groups, are convinced that Putin will not complete this term and they’re already discussing possible options to force him out of power. People like Pavlovsky who spent years and years working with Putin and his administration believe two options are the most probable: first is coup against President or new elections on which opposition will win and ousted new Russian czar out of power.

Well it seems that history in Russian and countries like Russia (personally saw that on Balkans example) always comes around and every leader who thinks that repression, brutal aggression against people’s freedoms and wishes will be enough to hold on power will be ousted with strong force. I just hope that Russian people would be little bit smarter than my fellow Balkanians and choose right people to lead them, not ridicules who just care about titles and positions

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