Party for the Planet Day 2: Day of family celebrations and fun

SURREY – Second day of the Surrey’s party for the Planet was completely devoted to the youngsters and their fun, but also to their education on all important facts regarding environment, nature and earth protection, accompanied with tons of eduction, interesting games and chances to start their own gardens or micro gardens. Day two was also excellent opportunity to enjoy tons of sport activities all over the Central City Plaza, local sports teams send out their mascots to meet and talk to all those who visited the Party on the second day. As we saw that yesterday police and security officials didn’t had too much work at this family friendly event, so they spent the day in very engaged communication and conversation with all generation, especially with those who’re coming to be the leaders of the new and prosperous Surrey.

Face painting at the Party for the Planet Day 2

Bobs and Lolo and many others who took the stage today ensured that everybody would found something interesting and decide to extend the time spent at the Central City Plaza. Oh, it was such a joy to see dozens of kids,especially those under the age of 7 to come out in front to that magnificent stage to dance, sing and learn some new cool moves to repeat them at kindergarten and probably become small Surrey celebrities. Our youngest citizens are not only interested in singing and dance I saw so many of the wandering around the tents asking volunteers and sponsors representatives about all those interesting things presented at the tables of portfolios all over the plaza. Of course dancing, singing, learning is very tiring and exhausting so whole families went to numerous food and sweets stands to try specialities and refuel batteries in the best possible way, the natural way.

City officials lead by Mayor Dianne Watts, followed by representatives of sponsor, step at that central stage for a quick and short opening ceremony which was intended just to remember the visitors on all great elements of this celebration. In their remarks Mayor Watts and Chair of Parks and Recreation Committee Cllr Linda Hepner invited all to be careful to our Planet, to care about environment and be respectful to others. Remarks also send a message to all Surrey citizens to do more and think more about our City and its environmental future, from the simplest reason that 1/3 of our population comes from the generations who’s years are under the age of 18.

Following this great celebration of nature, Planet Earth and environment The City of Surrey is not done with celebrations of everything good and amazing about the community and families. This summer Surrey will be host to another Fusion Fest, great celebration of all different cultures and nations who’re living in Surrey, and it will be home to the BC Summer Games in July where we will be able to celebrate young athletes from all over the province.

Here you can see some of my picture from Day 2, and once more please visit my friends over at to get all important info on upcoming events, everything exciting, brand new or old but what matters in the city.


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