From Where the Old Surrey Meets New Surrey

Fry’s Corner (Photo: Surrey Archives)

Recording, preserving and presenting the past of our city, region and country is probably one of the most demanding, but also the most compelling processes since we began recording our histories and stories. Focusing on a micro-location such as one city and its communities is challenging because changes, additions, developments or destructions are way more visible and often seen as the most significant elements of an era. Living in a developing and constantly changing city such as Surrey presents another great challenge for archivists, historians and all those interested in understanding our historical path. Over the last 130 years Surrey has changed in size, population and political life numerous times, becoming the city we know today. Around year 1880 this huge territorial area was populated by approximately 1000 inhabitants, while today it is populated by more than 460,000 and attracts an additional 1000 new residents per month.

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