UEFA, Ukraine and Poland creators of new racist generation

SURREY – While every single soccer/football fun, especially those in Europe, are expecting the start of the EURO2012 organized by Ukraine and Poland world public attention is captured with emerging facts about the situation in organizers countries and very questionable abilities to provide safe and secure environment to those who will visit them soon. For a pretty long time those who follow soccer in Southern and Eastern Europe are well informed about problems with hooligans, neo-Nazi attacks and paroles, and racism among those who are attending the games. But now with BBC Panorama documentary “Stadiums of hate”, especially focused on these two countries, done by Chris Rogers and featuring one of the England’s the best players ever Sol Campbell. 

Rogers spent a month traveling across Ukraine and Poland filming and documenting hate, crimes, racism and Neo-Nazism on the stadiums sometimes represented in dozens of thousands young people, some young as 10 or 15 years of age. What he recorded is an amazing example of whats going on behind the scene in countries which are going through post-conflict or post-socialism eras, and they’re representing majority of European territory including some which are already welcomed to the European Union. While UEFA, continent head soccer organization, continues with repetitions of their old stand that there’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy against racism, nazism or any other way of intolerance situation presented in Rogers documentary shows totally different reality.

Legia graffiti with Celtic cross, details from the documentary (Screenshot: YouTube)

Over the half an hours which is a length of this documentary, you can see chanting which contains words “whore”, “kill” and “Jew” in a one sentence sending a message that opposite fans are members of Jewish population who should be killed. Accompanied by local activist fighting against all kinds of violence who’s also helping UEFA to educate stewards for upcoming competition on which groups and organizations they must to pay attention, Rogers discovered that so-called “Celtic cross” is freely painted on the streets as the symbol of white power without any sanctions or actions by authorities. And how those authorities are monstrous in their denial of events happing at the stadium all over the countries Rogers faced one of them with information that he witnesses rise of right hand and proclamations of “Sieg Heil!” and answer which come was pure catastrophe. According to this officials they didn’t use Hitler’s salute and didn’t repeatedly said “Sieg Heil!” but they were just pointing to the other side of the stadium and their sport opponents. As somebody who spent my childhood in the war and my early 20’s in post-conflict society, Bosnia and Herzegovina, I couldn’t believe how blind and how ready to lie was this person.

Seig Heil at the stadium, detail from the documentary (Screenshot: YouTube)

On the other side we saw young men who meet with Rogers in one of the fans caffe talking to him about their actions and plans for the future. This young fellow, not older than 30 years of age, openly said that elements of Nazism are the part of their ideology and that they used them in every occasion. I’m amazed that someone in who’s country during WWII Hitler’s regime brutally killed and deported to concentration camps could say that Germany wouldn’t be there where’s today without Hitler and his actions and  that can support Hitler’s actions and use them today in 21st century. Something similar but on a local level we in Balkans saw that over the last few years. Sometimes Serbian fans will come out on the stadiums proclaiming Radovan Karadzic and general Ratko Mladic as heroes or putting up transparent with title “Noz, zica, Srebrenica” (Knife, wire, Srebrenica) trying to offend Bosnian Muslims. On the other side we saw some from Bosnian fans calling other side “Chetniks” or “Ustashas”, or Croatian fans coming out and singing songs from the quisling pro-Nazi Independent State of Croatia (Nezavisna Drzava Hrvatska – NDH). In contrary what’s happening in Ukraine and Poland at the moment Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia took some decisive steps to prevent new incidents and numbers are slowly coming down.

To go back to Ukraine and Poland very troubling element of the story which is presented at the BBC Panorama feature is hate against black or coloured people. Often when black players are playing on their stadium will be faced with chants from the spectators which will include words like “monkey” and voicing which quite clearly resembles monkey cries and voices. One of the told to Rogers that there’s no point to going to the referee who’s the highest authority at the pitch because it will just tell him to forget and continue playing, while UEFA regulations said that if something like this happens referee should stop the game and at least order to police forces present at the game to escort fans out of the stadium and then to continue play. Those who saw this movie where in the chance to see attack on Indian students at the stadium just because they’re people of different colour just visiting the sports event. Some of the were beaten and badly injured telling to the camera that they don’t expect any reaction from police or any other authority.

Former England national team captain Sol Campbell, once in the past victim himself, said he feels for those who’re attacked today and doesn’t recommends to the family of black or players from Asia families to travel to Ukraine or Poland, rather to stay home and watch the games at the TV’s.

On Thursday Ukraine’s president, Victor Yanukovich, said in an interview to the BBC that everybody who comes on upcoming competition will be save and sound, adding that the numbers of hooligans at the stadiums are minor or almost insignificant. Well I think that Mr. president is intentionally blind, again plays the game with the facts as that usually happens, and doesn’t want to confess that his regime as many others in Europe failed in the area of human rights. Also when I’m talking about failure it’s not recommended to forget UEFA president Platini who reject chance to spoke with BBC but also who believes that his ‘zero tolerance’ policy really works. What a shame. In 21st century at the heart of Europe we have people who’re promoting ideologies who killed a millions upon millions of innocent people, and so-called authorities are permitting creation of new racist, Neo-Nazi, and ultra violent generations across the continent.


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  1. I appreciate it for posting “UEFA, Ukraine and Poland creators of new racist generation From Bosnia to Canada”.
    I actuallymay surely end up being coming back for more browsing and commenting in the near future.
    Thank you, Steffen

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