From BC Summer Games: Vancouver-Squamish claims gold in girls indoor volleyball

In an exceptionally exciting game, the Vancouver-Squamish (Zone 5) girls squad have picked up the gold medal in indoor volleyball, downing a Fraser Valley (Zone 3) team that was hoping to keep the gold on home turf.

Excitement after their victory was hard to hide, but above all it was a celebration of friendship, teamwork, and passion for volleyball.

“This gold medal means that our hard work paid off,” said Stephanie Slingerland of Roberts Creek. “It means that my whole team was great, and it was real fun to win it. The BC Summer Games are great experience and I love it.”

Vancouver-Squamish Coach Roy Dario said his team reached the top of the podium after some hard work.

In his words, the girls executed their plan without any mistakes. He also said his girls will have a bright future playing on different teams in higher levels of competition, and he also predicted many of them will reach the professional level.


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