From Surrey Museum: History & Heritage Exhibit

Exhibit hall at the Surrey Museum

Every city has its own history, heritage, and heroes. Let’s not forget the people who protect and promote the best of our past and present. Aside from covering major events, mainstream media doesn’t pay enough attention on people working in our museums, archives and community associations. I visited the Surrey museum and learned a lot about the connection between the City’s past, present, and future. I learned about the people who lived in this vibrant community in the past, and the interesting people who represent Surrey today.

When I accompanied Robert (Rob) McCullough, Surrey Museum Manager, into the exhibition area I expected to see a typical Museum room where every exhibit is put away under a thick piece of glass. I also expected to see an exhibit attractive only to school kids or history nerds. My presumptions were completely wrong. Speechless, breathless and amazed are probably the best ways to explain how I felt in the Museum exhibition hall.

Read more here.


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