Turkish PM To Bosnians: Each family must to have three children

Erdogan speech in Sarajevo wrong message to citizens

Often we heard populistic messages from foreign politicians visiting allies or friends all over the world and often those messages are intended to boost public confidence or to criticize local government for not doing this or that in a proper way. This week Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, visited Bosnian capital of Sarajevo to accept “Isa-beg Isakovic” award and held very interesting lecture at University of Sarajevo. Erdogan who’s well known as someone who often speaks his mind openly and without hesitations when it come to tough issues this time totally blow his chances to send positive message to Bosnian people. He came to country in which unemployment, as in many other European countries, today is extremely high, and where day-to-day life presents one of the greatest challenges to send a message that each family MUST to have at least three children.

According to media reports Erdogan said to students and professors at the University of Sarajevo that Bosnia and Herzegovina is challenged with low birthrate adding that this social phenomenon could endanger Bosnian future. Also he said that if each family would have at least three children that would create young and vibrant society in the future.

I’m not quite sure that Prime Minister understand what kind of message his words delivered to Bosnians this week. His message instead to encourage them to do something positive just told them to continue down the road towards poverty, harder living than they have it today. Erdogan didn’t rebuke current Bosnian leaders for destruction of the economy, political lockdown for major part of the last decade and he miss a chance to tell them to get rid of senseless discussions about which ethnic group or party has better chances for success. Turkish leader didn’t stand there at the University of Sarajevo telling Bosnian politicians to roll their sleeves and start recovering economy or financial sector, mak better chances for parents to send kids to college or University, to open new jobs or cut their own very high monthly earnings ($5000-$10000) in a country where average pension is few hundred dollars. He didn’t criticize Bosnian government for endangerment of thousands of its citizens during summer wildfire campaign when damages reached more than $10 billion, thousands of families were displaced and forced to leave their homes not knowing if they would have to return in something once called home.

But he wants Bosnian families to have at least three children! I think that this is really good example of the situation where “silence is worth of gold”, he should know when to stop preaching populism and really tackle real life problems, and make solid base for that “vibrant and young” future which he wants to create in Bosnia.


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