“Sick” culture in the Legislation

Premier Clark once more in trouble because of her words (Photo: Flickr)

BC Premier Christy Clark is once more the most interesting politician in the province, and if you want recently on the national level. Recently she was called out by CBC Host, Evan Solomon, for her decision to cancel fall session and focus as she said on contacts with real people not with pundits or talking with other politicians. Premier Clark is often targeted by local or national media based on her statements or something what’s said by her communications team, and this time is not different. In her latest adventure Premier described political culture in BC Legislature as “sick” and claimed that is the main reason why this fall we would not see MLA’s in benches fighting over proposed legislations.

On one side Clark is right, but on the other side she’s utterly wrong and that could make her a whole new bunch of problems not only now but also later in the campaign. Looks like her PR team was lost again, and her journalist knowledge was not used in proper time at proper place.

So let me say this Clark’s voice against current state of the discussion in the Legislature chamber is probably right. Often we discuss and dissect attitude in nation’s highest parliamentary chamber, House of Commons, which is often place of pretty rude, undemocratic and discussion which is not appropriate. Opposition members were not once recently in the situation to stand up and issue apologies to their colleagues on the other side of the room. And yes that happens in BC Legislature, we can just revoke latest attacks from governmental side on Adrian Dix when he was labeled as “thief” or comments given by opposition and recent independents about Christy Clark and her team.  I wouldn’t say that kind of conversation or rather debate is “sick” as was described by Premier Clark, but it is disturbing and both sides should do more to change it and move it forward to more civilized channel of communication.

There’s no right side in this story about Parliamentary debate and behaviour (Photo: Flickr)

So let’s put it like this. Clark and her BC Liberals are not, and that’s supported by tons of evidences and facts from last decade or so since they took power and leadership in this province, nothing different from other hecklers, yellers and people who sometimes just don’t think before they speak. And to describe only one side as the problem in the legislature is totally wrong. Both, government and the opposition, must to understand this and start collective reconstruction and rejuvenation of the debate process in the Legislature.

From the point of PR profession Clark committed one of the greatest crimes and basically delivered herself and the government to the journalist jaws. Now this will open another wave of discussion about wrong things, not about real problems. That’s where she is wrong. In the situation in which you’re at the moment your first thought should be how to carefully deliver the message and turn the wheel of public in your interest and gain new momentum in support all over the province. Unfortunately for Clark none of this will happen, and just because of “dumb” choice of words as one my friend said today. To me looks like either Clark is not using her journalistic knowledge or she just don’t want to use it because she wants to prove everybody else how great political leader she is.

My only hope is that common sense and wisdom will be with our MLA’s and that they’ll find that way on the road to better, more civilized and proper Parliamentary discussion and debate on behalf and interest of all our citizens.

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