“The Price of Politics” paints new picture about WH vs. Congress relations

The Price of Politics by Bob Woodward

Since he wrote one of the most known books in the world “All Presidents Men” Bob Woodward is synonym for journalist and author who’s able to get behind the scenes and into the great of data about current events especially in the world of US politics. Once more Woodward is keeping us highly engaged to his presentation of events highly important not only to US citizens and society but to whole world and what could happen if something didn’t happen in the past. This time with his latest book “The Price of Politics” Woodward leads us into the behind the scenes world of debt and debt ceiling negotiations between US President Barack Obama and US Congress, especially Republican leadership in the House and Senate. We all well remember countless reports about close, private, open, group or individual meetings held last years in Washington DC when whole governmental system was under the threat of default and on the edge to plunge US once more in deepest recession and probably biggest crisis ever.

In this book Woodward goes behind the scene so far to give us exclusive access to Obama, Boehner, Pelosi, Reid and their assistants in fight over the way how to avoid first evert US default in the history. Woodward’s book shows clearly that Obama was unable to control his team in the way how he liked, but also that the other GOP side didn’t have intention to do a deal with him and fought inner fights over the way how to achieve much needed agreement about the future of debt structure and deficit over the next few decades.

This book should be must to read text before we make final predictions about US presidential campaign and what would happen with US in the future and how past decisions by Obama and rival side in the House and Senate influence it. In attached video you can hear some of comments given by the Speaker Boehner and the President Obama, but also Woodwards defence of book release timing.

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