My take on VP Debate: Biden vs. Ryan, strong stands but no decisive winner

Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan (Screenshot: YouTube)

What we saw in tonight’s Vice-Presidential debate between incumbent VP Joe Biden and his rival GOP Candidate Paul Ryan was showdown of two politicians strong in their devotions and believers in what their political parties are taking as integral policies. As it was expected this debate was totally different than last week debate between presidential candidates Obama and Romney. I want to be clear and say that my view of this debate is that there was no decisive winner, both candidates did an excellent job in sticking with their believes, campaign promises and earlier presented stands but in some areas Joe Biden score more points than Paul Ryan. Prior to their face-to-face meeting I tweeted and repeated in conversations with my friends that there’s no chance that Paul Ryan can be better than Joe Biden when it comes to foreign politics. Biden sit on US Senate for majority of Ryan’s lifetime and for a long period of time he was chairman of Senate Committee on Foreign Relations which is one of the most influential parliamentary committees in the world when it comes to foreign policy. 

So let’s start with Libya and recent attack in Benghazi. Did Obama administration made a mistake when they come out with early claims that US Consulate was attacked after some sort of protests? Yes, there’s no way to defend that move, Biden can claim that move on intelligence services but they should be more smart and intelligent to know that early signs are often not true. Are they responsible for what happen to ambassador Stevens and his colleagues? Not entirely because as we saw through Biden’s words, and what’s later confirmed by CNN fact checkers funds for security forces in US missions abroad is cut not in the amount of $300 million USD but little bit less than that, so blame can be fairly distributed to both the White House and both houses of US Congress.

Iran nuclear capabilities are still highly questionable (Photo: Flickr)

On the case of Iran‘s nuclear capabilities and wishes both sides are bit wrong and I think both should slow down and figure out what really they want to do in the future. When Ryan claims that Iran today had five nuclear bombs that’s totally wrong and almost unbelievable if we know in which state is Iran today and recently as the fact of crippling international sanctions, and to be honest those are not only  implied by USA but also by European Union, some of the Arab countries and Canada as matter of fact. I would like to remind everybody that Canada recently cut all diplomatic relations with Iran as the part of a broader fight against current Iranian regime. Could Obama administration do more about Iranian case especially when it comes to protection of its friend in Middle East, Israel? My answer would be maybe, better multilateral relations and improved cooperation with key figure in Iran and Syria situation, Russia, could benefit both sides and maybe move the things further into the positive zone. Neither Biden nor Ryan are in the position to say what’s going on in a minds of Iranian Ayatollahs especially not in the head of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who’ extremely secretive person, and his mind often doesn’t say in public what really he thinks about USA and other international issues. The only sure fact is that we already know that Iranian people, at least some percentage, is against the regime and wants changes and with it they want to abandon nuclear ideas and take a peaceful approach to all issues, but they need more help from outside including USA to change internal situation in Iran.

What to do with Syria? That’s one of the hardest questions for the United States of America, especially for those who’re in charge at the moment. As someone who survived the last Balkan wars I know that very well because first US action came following Biden blunt face-off with then President Bill Clinton and request for NATO air attacks. He’s right today when he states geographical, demographical and group/military facts regarding Syria, but Biden is utterly wrong when he says that they need more time to see which group is the best to be supported because Syrian problem is long-lasting and it goes on for more than a year. As that was in the case of Libya Obama administration should have decide by now who’s the right group and act to help them to start changing the course of action in their favour and against Bashar Al-Assad and his thugs. Should USA put the boots on the ground and fight against Al-Assad? No! US fought two wars in the past decade and I think that its enough of their action abroad when it comes to direct military action.

Pro-Obamacare protesters (Photo: Flickr)

On the domestic politics and policies both sides clearly mislead the population and us who watch them all over the world. First thing Ryan as its Romney team practice sit there and talk about some elements of their overall plan to fight budget deficit, national debt, economy and jobs while refuse after repeated questions to disclose details of those. I would more like to hear those from Ryan than from Romney because Ryan has extensive experience over the last few years in the budget negotiations and those famous talks about debt ceiling and fight with Obama’s administration over the details. Biden has experience and knowledge but when you come against Ryan who doesn’t disclose details of his plan than we can conclude that you’re just repeating what we know and what’s already said. Medicare/Obamacare story on the both side is so full of holes and false claims that I think even those who create them are confused what’s or what’s not the truth at the moment, this issue should be discussed again but without gloves and hidden facts.

So my verdict is there’s no winner in this debate. Both did fairly good job, they’ll energize bases and would get more donors onboard in last weeks of campaign. After all we should listen Obama and Romney what they’re saying prior to next Tuesday debate, and draw our conclusions from that.

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