Romney in trouble: Focus on Crowley and “Binders full of Women”

Mitt Romney claims victory in first Presidential Debate (Photo: Flickr)

Mitt Romney in trouble with “Binders” (Photo: Flickr)

Following second Presidential debate on Hofstra University right wing political establishment, pundits and media turned their attention to CNN’s debate moderator Candy Crowley. While they were concerned about Crowley’s “bias” attitude against their candidate the rest of the public was concentrated on Mitt Romney’s gaffe regarding “Binders full of Women”. If  after major campaign event as this was we’re concentrated on one candidate and his gaffes like those mentioned above then I think that he’s team needs to sit down and re-think their strategy. This was major failure of those who worked Romney back rooms and his training for this debate, and they should be more careful ahead of next debate but about that later.

I don’t know for how many times ahead of this debate I said that Candy Crowley is not a journalist who’s similar to others who got a chance to be moderator in this campaign circle. First it’s important to say Candy Crowley was a reporter from campaigns and through terms for all Presidents since Ronald Reagan, and she’s dealing with people like Mitt Romney and Barack Obama every single Sunday morning. What she did during debate, so called “real-time fact checking”, was nothing more than real reporter and journalist reaction. That was not fact-checking was just keeping discussion in merits and keeping it honest on very tricky issues as “Benghazi attack” is. If we want to be honest to both of them neither can claim that they won this exchange because both are bit wrong or bit right, but I think that real conversation about this issue will happen on Monday. If Candy Crowley didn’t stop them I’m afraid that conversation wouldn’t finish in good mood and would develop into something what would not be right or good to happen in debate.

When you build your own campaign on effort to paint your opponent as “gaffe master” or somebody who’s words don’t come out always as you want, then you should better be ready not to do that. Well last night Biden was not Biden, but Romney was Biden. He’s comment about female candidates for his cabinet as elements in “binders full of women” is more than a gaffe. Binders full of women as Romney describe them during debate are just hard to be explained if you really really have any respect, any real sense about women’s role and importance in life, and what’s more important a real need to bring them to be equal with men in every possible way. This statement which is wrong in every way, from indication that he was searching for his teammates through binders to the fact that he was not able to propose any female candidate by himself, shows how much GOP candidate is candidate for the people and from the people. What ever he says now he can’t turn time back and reverse that statement, because last third debate will be concentrated on foreign policy and media already caught the wind and continues to bash him on every step. If Romney looses this election he could say “Thank you, Binders” for destroying my presidential campaign and probably future political future.


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